Renegade Broadcasting’s ‘Drew’ exposed as a Jew

Upon Renegade Broadcasting releasing a video about me which purports that I am some kind of infiltrator because the Jewish media have published negative articles about me, I was led to question the motive in doing so.

I will not defend myself from the accusations raised in this video because they aren’t true, anybody with a grain of intelligence can see this. What kind of a White Nationalist uses Jewish  media such as the BBC to back up his case when attacking a fellow Nationalist?

This is exactly what Renegade Broadcasting’s Drew did, he made a baseless and cowardly attack on my character using Left-Wing, Anti-White sources as his defence. After making this video, anti-whites them reveled in it and published an article which made out we were all infighting, Drew has effectively armed the enemy.

Drew who uses the online persona of ‘Return of Tyr’ is a shady character and hitherto, little information about this man is known. Unfortunately, many of our people take what they hear on Renegade Broadcasting as a ‘Voice for our cause’, but nobody has stopped to consider who is behind it and what their motives may be.


The image above is a photograph of Drew, now to seasoned Jew spotters such as myself, it is fairly easy to spot the Jewish features. The hook nose is the obvious giveaway, the curly Jewish hair is another sure sign of his genetic history. Drew or simply ‘Jew’ is not a white man, his intentions and place on Renegade Broadcasting are false and he is spreading misinformation to encourage infighting within our ranks.

If you listen to Drew speak on Renegade Broadcasting, you can hear that Jewish rusk on his voice, that familiar tone that we have all come to understand as being Jewish.

In Drew’s video, he states that the Daily Bale is all lies and gives a politically correct reason for making this accusation. Well the Daily Bale exists to discredit the Left-Wing and in effect is a propaganda machine. Therefore Drew is defending my Left-Wing, Anti-White victims, therefore Drew is arming the enemy.

Returning to my initial accusations of Drew being Jewish, I have been reliably informed by credible sources that Drew is really called “Andrew Levy”, for anybody who knows anything about Jewish surnames then you will know that Levy is as Jewish as they come.

So my question to Kyle Hunt of renegade broadcasting is, why are you harboring an obvious Jewish disinformation agent within your station?

It is with this revelation that we must remember anybody can claim to represent us or speak of our cause but their motives may be significantly different to what we have prior assumed.

I therefore ask Kyle Hunt to do the right thing, remove the Jew, Drew and issue a full apology for the Jewish attack upon my character.

Joshua Bonehill