Exposing Anti-White disinformation agents within our movement

I, like many other prominent and respectable figures of our community have faced accusations of being a “Jew agents” or indeed a “state agent”, one of the numerous accusations that fly around by seemingly jealous and bitter people.

Return of Tyr, a traitor within the movement

Return of Tyr, a traitor within the movement

Recently I was subject to a video called “Who is Joshua Bonehill?”, created by an anonymous twitter account by the name of “Return of Tyr”. In this video, the allegedly “pro-white” Return of Tyr attempted to discredit my reputation and made an attempt to persuade people not to attend my march and demonstration, Liberate Stamford Hill.

Using Jewish media newspaper articles and discredited sources, Return of Tyr set out to discourage people from engaging in Pro-White causes and tried to act as if he was some kind of credible source, yet the man is anonymous and nobody knows who he is.

I always question people who are anonymous, if you believe in your cause and love your race then you will be willing to put your name to a social media account or presence. Indeed it’s damn right cowardly to sit back on an anonymous account because you’re afraid of what people may think of your views but even more so, it’s suspicious.

So this “Return of Tyr” made his scathing video, deeply rooted with bitterness and hatred for me, clearly the man is jealous of my achievements and wants to discredit me by every means possible, at least this is how the video appears to the person who views it.

We have to recognise these two key points:

  • Anybody who opposes Pro-White activity is therefore Anti-White
  • Egotism, Jealousy and Hatred all belong in the bracket of Leftism

Therefore, in the very virtue of the fact that Return of Tyr made a video which opposed myself, my cause and the movement I am building, he is therefore asserting himself as an Anti-White Leftist, a traitor to the movement and indeed an infiltrator.

Now, I could have wrote this article and defended myself against flaccid and unfounded accusations made by Return of Tyr but I can’t defend myself, I have nothing to defend because the accusations simply aren’t true, therefore putting up a defence is a waste of time.

What I want to use this article for is to draw attention to the many infiltrators that sit among our social media networks and work daily to discredit our movement from the inside out. It’s all too easy to proclaim yourself as a “White Nationalist”, set up a twitter account or even put your voice to a video or broadcasting but do you have any credibility in doing this?

I frequently ask people to ‘present their credentials’, if you don’t have credentials to back up your argument or indeed your character then you can not be trusted. Without credentials, you are therefore opening yourself up to accusations that could potentially hold you in the light of an Anti-White infiltrator.

Another example of this form of infiltration is when a supposed credible nationalist news website attempted to discredit the name and reputation of National Action, and indeed that of the people’s champion, Garron Helm.

This article, which I will not break down or attempt to scrutinise because simply it is entirely false, is another prime example of anonymous people making entirely flaccid accusations to cause infighting and disruption within the movement as a whole. Of course, it’s entirely preposterous to accuse National Action of being a “Jewish Far-Left” movement, just as mad as it is to accuse myself of being a “Jew agent”.

I have this little rule and as a Fascist, it’s important to adhere to at all times:

  • No matter what the situation, I am always right
  • Offensive, Never defensive
  • Those that oppose me are therefore the enemy, whether that’s people within our own movement or indeed common enemies such as Jews, Anti-Whites and Left-Wing

Therefore, we must assume that anybody who targets the best interests of our cause is an Anti-White traitor.

It’s important that we keep to this rule, if we break it and start infighting because of false information submitted by the Anti-Whites then we are never going to get anywhere.

I refer back to this “Return of Tyr”, His video goes against the people of whom I see myself representative of. Not only did he make an attack on myself but also he made an attack on everybody who represents our cause and this now means that he has to be excommunicated from our cause, held in the light of a traitor and potential Jew Agent or FBI informant.

When the Nazis liberated parts of Europe from the control of the soviet union, soviet commissars were immediately executed on the basis that they presented a threat by the sheer fact that they lived. It is with this same firm policy that we must deal with our traitors. There will one day be an occasion when these people will be held responsible for their crimes, we will one day seek justice and ensure that they hang for what they’ve done to our race and nations.

Traitors being rounded up and hopefully led to their deaths

Traitors being rounded up and hopefully led to their deaths

Death is the only antidote for traitors, but we can only issue them with this medicinal cure whilst in power and until we reach this point, we must simply ignore these cretinous parasites. Anybody who legitimises their words or colludes alongside them must also be viewed as a traitor and anti-white disinformation agent.

“Return of Tyr” is just one example of the typical Anti-White disinformation agent, there are many thousands of anonymous personalities on the internet and we can’t even begin to presume who is loyal and who is not. The Jews always show their true colours when they become greedy and step over the mark, just like Return of Tyr did when he released his video which in actual fact backfired completely, thus exposing him as a traitor. Their greed is our weapon, if you spot and egotistical and greedy person who is claiming to be a White Nationalist then you should always question their credentials.

Joshua Bonehill

PS: I don’t promote violence, nor do I incite it, but do the Traitors, turncoats and fifth columnists not realise who the first people we’ll be coming for are in the eventuality that both Law and Order breaks down entirely?