Joshua Bonehill to sue the BBC and Left-Wing newspapers

Joshua Bonehill

Upon returning back home from my victory at court on Monday, I was completely shocked to find one of the left-wing “victims” in my case making false accusations about me on BBC Points West. I can not mention his name due to a restraining order, he however stated that I have attacked “Women with special needs and children”. This is completely untrue and I have never been arrested for such an offence, this is a complete fabrication.

We know who's behind them really! We know who’s behind them really!

After this false claim was first shown on BBC Points West, Left-Wing newspapers picked up on it and decided to include it in their reports about the court case. This clearly constitutes libel and in the worst, malicious communications which is a criminal offence. I am also shocked that the BBC allowed for this libellous accusation to be broadcast on their news programme, I know from past…

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