An Urgent appeal: The Jewification of Great Britain

Joshua Bonehill

I want to draw your attention to the on-going foreign occupation of a White district in London. Stamford Hill, a district of London, based in North Hackney under the parliamentary control of prolific Labour Party Racist, Diane Abbott, has been taken from the White man and occupied by the foreign Jewish enemy. Stamford Hill was once an ancient Anglo-Saxon settlement where the White man flourished in his rightfully owned lands, now today we see an occupation force of approximately 50,000 Jews occupying this land. If the sheer number of Non-White immigrants was not bad enough, the Jewish occupiers of Stamford Hill have now established their own Police Force to which is known to them as the “Shomrim Police”. This undemocratic and false police force wear uniforms supplied to them by the Metropolitan Police, they receive training from the Metropolitan police and are supported by the Labour Party MP, Diane Abbott.


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