Why the Anti-Racists are the real racists

Joshua Bonehill

We often hear of how political correctness is destroying our society, for instance in the last few years under the Labour government, Blackboards were removed from schools and deemed as being “offensive” to black people. This form of bizarre Anti-Racism is still on-going, Haribo recently announced that they would be removing black faced sweets from their range of products as these would also prove offensive to black people.


The allegation behind the removal of products that contain the word “black” is that by using these, we are being ignorant and somehow these products are offensive to blacks. The reality behind this allegation is completely different, we use products that have the word “Black” in them because they are useful to us, we don’t for one minute acknowledge any connection to the Negro race.

In actual fact, the accusation of racism should be directed towards the Anti-Racists, as it is the…

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