My Struggle and Awakening: The Joshua Bonehill story

Joshua Bonehill

Above is a video that lasts nearly half an hour but tells my story both honestly and informatively. I, like many other brainwashed and ill-informed people joined UKIP just 2-3 years ago, believing that civic nationalism was the right way for Britain – but who was I kidding?

After discovering that the hierarchy of UKIP mainly consisted of Jews and leftist appeasers, I realised that my place did not bode well within the Party and decided to leave. Upon the death of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, I set up my ‘Stand Strong UK’ movement which sought to bring people together across the country in a day of unity and solidarity against Terrorism, Extremism and Oppression. After witnessing many good people coming under attack from the Left-Wing, seemingly for doing nothing wrong other than assisting me, I decided to investigate just why this was happening.

I fought back, creating Daily Bale…

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