Politically Correct Paedophile teachers grooming children at British Schools

Diversity, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and history that portrays Hitler in a Negative light – this is the type of education that our children receive today at our schools, up and down this country. In a recent investigation carried out by Daily Bale News, it was found that a number of teachers who had preached a politically correct agenda to our children, were in fact convicted paedophiles and child groomers.

Sick and evil Paedophile, Richard Crawford of Ayr, was caught working in a primary school last year where he was in charge of the school’s ‘diversity program’. Crawford, 34, had attempted to groom children by offering them “sweets” and “rewards” for participating in sickening diversity games, designed to teach children the “importance of diversity” through education.

Jewish Paedophile teacher and persistent sex offender, Martin Goldberg, who committed suicide last year, was also working in a school where he taught lessons about multiculturalism to white students. Working at Thorpe Hall school in Southend, evil paedophile Goldberg groomed children by offering them Gift cards in exchange for Politically correct, paedophilic left-wing multicultural lessons.

Dr John Wunderie, Slatfretish fetishist and paedophilic collaborator

Dr John Wunderie, Slatfretish fetishist and paedophilic collaborator

Former Labour Party councillor and prolific Left-Wing, Anti-White and Jewish School teacher, John Wunderie from Essex was another classic example of Paedophilic Left-Wing education. Wunderie, who taught at Bancroft School in Woodford Green was jailed after he forced a student to give him a “blow job” whilst he dictated multiculturalist propaganda.

Carole Clarke, 46, from Grimsby, was also outed as a Predatory Left-Wing Paedophile Teacher. Clarke, who had a long history with Unite Against Fascism and Hope not Hate would follow young children into Grimsby toilets where she proceeded to rape them. Witnesses described Clarke as shouting “AllahuAkbah” before launching her sickening left-wing paedophile attacks on Children. Although not a Muslim, Clarke believed that by expressing herself as a Muslim to her pupils, she was doing a “favour for diversity”.

Disabled Paedophile teacher and child abuser, Becki Muzikal-Someclit from Leicester was found to have taken pornographic photographs of her students whilst openly debating Nationalist figures with them, depicting nationalists in a bad light so that her pupils would take up Anti-Fascist causes.

Many of these sick Left-Wing, Hope not Hate and Labour Party Paedophile teachers are still active in our children’s schools. The tell-tale sign of the Left-Wing Predatory Paedophile teacher is the fact that they conform to a politically correct teacher and attempt to groom children with sweets as rewards for engagement.

Paedophiles like to hide behind the title of ‘Diverse’ or ‘Left-Wing’ but we should always immediately suspect them of being Paedophiles for their track record doesn’t do them any favours.

Marcorth Clitsome, Reporting for Daily Bale News