Silencing us will always prove ineffective for the Cultural Marxists

Joshua Bonehill

I often laugh when the Marxists remove a Twitter account, a Facebook page or indeed as they did recently, my website. Every time this happens, it just reaffirms that what I’m doing is getting to them so much that they fixate on me and form an obsession which spirals into dangerous territory when they turn up to my house and take photographs to leak onto the internet.

White Genocide is the only reason I am facing silencing, my constant use of those two words that shake the establishment to the core because of the criminality they’ve been perpetrating whilst allowing for mass non-white immigration with intent to destroy the White Race. Most people in Britain haven’t heard of White Genocide, those that have will even question it’s legitimacy with most branding it a “conspiracy theory from America”. There can be no doubt, we have much work to do in order…

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