Labour Party Paedophile Pritchard Lay exposes himself in court

So far under our ‘noose for a nonce’ campaign, we’ve secured the convictions of over 20 different Left-Wing paedophiles who have been actively working within the Labour Party but we came up against the most vilest in the form of Pritchard Lay

Convicted Left-Wing Paedophile Pritchard Lay

Convicted Left-Wing Paedophile Pritchard Lay

Pritchard Lay of Bawtry Close, was found guilty of 23 offences relating to child abuse images after a trial at Manchester Crown Court in October last year.

He will serve a further four years on licence.

The court heard that Lay had openly admitted downloading and sharing images on the internet in interview, expressing his belief that his actions should not be a crime.

Pritchard Lay had initially been arrested after a search warrant was executed at his home address in February 2012. Lay who came to court wearing a blue plastic rain coat, accompanied by his mother was seen to be visibly happy as he entered the docks of Manchester Crown court.

The court heard that Lay had been rearrested in July 2012 when answering bail. He had attended a police station to answer bail with a laptop containing further child abuse images in his possession.

He was then arrested for a third time in March 2013 after a computer containing more indecent images of children was seized off him in Manchester High Street.


It was upon sentencing that Pritchard dropped his saggy jogging pants and exposed himself to the judge in the court, who ordered Lay immediately taken down to the cells.

The court was shocked by Lay’s actions, Manchester Police are in discussion as to whether or not charges will be made against Pritchard for public indecency or exposure.

One man who was present in the court had a stroke upon witnessing the shocking exposure of Pritchard Lay’s genitals in open court

Senior man having a stroke. He is experiencing facial weakness.

Senior man having a stroke. He is experiencing facial weakness.

Lay has had a long career in Left-Wing and Labour Party internet activism where he and his daughter would routinely troll or abuse Nationalist Facebook pages and groups to score cheap points with provocation.

The 50-year-old had also written to several prominent figures and organisations across the county advocating “freedom of choice for children to have sexual relationships.”

DC Nicole Linn of Manchester Police’s Internet Child Abuse Team (ICAT) said: “Lay is clearly a very dangerous man who has no concept of the deep and lasting impact his crimes have on the children involved in the material he has obtained and distributed.

An artists interpretation of Pritchard being led away to his cell

An artists interpretation of Pritchard being led away to his cell

“We hope this sentence demonstrates the work of the ICAT team and the Hi Tech Crime Unit and sends out a clear message that offenders will be pursued and brought to justice.”

Lay’s daughter was crying as her father was taken down to the cells, she was heard screaming “He’s Left-Wing, he’s a good man” as court security firmly remove Pritchard Lay from the room.

Richard Daytona, Reporting for Daily Bale News