Does this drunken Photograph Show Russell Brand with Paedophile P.I.E Leader Tom O’Carroll?


On the right, we can see Russell Brand obviously stood leaning towards a man on his left. The man on the Left appears to be Convicted Paedophile and leader of P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange), Tom O’Carroll.

O’Carroll, who runs a sick paedophile rights blog, has a long history with various members of the Left-Wing and Labour Party community. The Left-Wing in Britain welcome the support of convicted Paeodophiles like Tom O’Carroll because it gives them another false-issue to campaign for in their pursuit of raping our nation. Russell Brand, who himself has criminal convictions for drug usage and perverse politically correct behaviour is a prime example of a degenerate that the likes of Tom O’Carroll would probably be attracted to.

We must stress to protect ourselves legally, Brand is not a Paedophile (that we know of) nor should we point the finger at him directly and accuse him of being a sick paedophile. 

During the 1970s, the Labour Party openly supported the Paedophile Information Exchange, led by O’Carroll, and we know that the Labour Party played a great part in covering up for the 1400 children who were abused in Rotherham at the hands of Islamic Paedophiles from Pakistan.

The message behind this article is simple, the kind of Britain that Russell Brand wants to create, is one where Paedophiles like Tom O’Carroll would have his Left-Wing paedophilia legalized thus putting our children at risk. By supporting communism or any form of Left-Wing ideology, you are actively supporting Paedophile rights and the likes of O’Carroll will benefit from your support by empowering him to campaign Paedophile rights more often.

In all likelihood, the image is certainly Photoshopped with a good reason to make a point whilst being entirely fraudulent in nature, but from an intelligent and analytical viewpoint, it shouldn’t bear any handicap upon the very real fact behind the image – the Left do support paedophilia rights. 

We don’t for one minute suggest you accept or even hold confidence in this representation, in fact we openly discourage any active form of acknowledgement that for one minute we have in front of us a genuine rendering that may very well present an open case of direct Left-Wing paedophila involvement. I think we can say that the photograph is definitely erroneous and this in itself presents a very good piece of evidence that could be used in our case of truth.

Richard Daytona, reporting for Daily Bale News