Joshua Bonehill Victim of Hate Campaign and Civil Liberties Outrage

The Daily Bale

The Daily Bale Fully Supports Joshua Bonehill in the bringing to Justice and prosecutions of those Involved in the outrageous attack upon his Civil Liberties and his Home yesterday by suspected left wing Anti British Marxist activists.


The Daily Bale cannot go into too much detail while a Police investigation is ongoing, but this kind of evil criminal activity and victimisation of the public by those who feel they are above the law because of their suspected attachment to certain leftist organisations cannot continue.

The incidents that occurred yesterday were an outrage on Civil Liberties, Justice, Democracy and against the person.

The Daily Bale understands at this point that there were several people involved that turned up at Joshua Bonehill’s Court Proceedings, and that others may have also been involved with an element of a suspected possible conspiracy on Social Media and those that run anonymous accounts that allegedly support left wing Anti Fascist Marxist politically correct organisations.

This will come to light fully when computer equipment is examined by police of the suspects.

We also believe there to be a strong connection with these recent criminal incidents to previous criminal attacks upon Joshua Bonehill’s home and the posting of vile malicious material through his letter box.

The police are in possession of this material and fingerprints and D.N.A no doubt can now be retrieved from suspects involved in yesterdays outrages when arrests are made, but we are sure that during individual interviews, suspects will give away names of those they know to be involved.

We also believe that there may of been other people present that turned up at the Court yesterday who may be involved in activity online previously connected to victimisation and harassment of other innocent people, besides the victim himself Joshua Bonehill.

There are apparently witnesses and CCTV footage of those present and exchanges made towards Joshua Bonehill at the Court, and no doubt witnesses will give statements as to who was seen near Joshua Bonehill’s home concerning the other crime.

The Daily Bale also believes that screenshots have been taken and names and suspects of people involved in the lead up to this criminal activity and any conspiracy that may come to light between individuals around yesterdays outrages and those involved after the event are being handed to the police to aid their investigation further, and all the people involved in any conspiracy around the crimes, or indeed to pervert the course of justice around Joshua Bonehill’s Court proceedings and Court Case will hopefully be brought to justice and publicly exposed.

A gross outrage has been committed here against a member of the Public by suspected Political activists.

It matters not the victims personal political beliefs in this matter or his position in private or public life, but what does matter greatly is that a gross outrage on Civil Liberties, and upon the person has been committed and the law has clearly been broken – seriously.

These sorts of outrages upon members of the public by suspected political activists cannot be allowed to happen within a free and democratic society, and as with France, we must make a stand against those who wish to do us harm just because we do not have the same beliefs or opinions as they do.

We must make a stand against oppression of our Civil Liberties and Freedom and we must bring those to justice who would deny us our rights by the use of tyranny and/or violence.