General Election 2015: who will win. Daily Bale Forecast Prediction Election U.K


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General Election 2015: who will win? Daily Bale Predictions and Forecast. Conservative Ukip Coalition outcome. Labour becomes 3rd Party outsider just in front of Liberal Democrats.

Who will be Prime Minister – and why?

Right now, David Cameron is looking more likely. Not because he’s a genius, but because the odds are stacked so heavily in the Conservatives favour – but only with a Ukip Coalition partner Nigel Farage.

It’s very close, and this could change to an all out Conservative majority.

What will be their majority?

Conservative 41%

Ukip 37%

Labour 18%

Lib Dem 4%

Who will be the star of the campaign?

Most likely somebody not even in the campaign, but somebody who talks about issues that the main Parties fear to talk about because of left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation and intimidation, but nevertheless topics that the majority of the British people are discussing anyway and want implemented or solved. The most talked about popular and outspoken British Nationalist at the moment would be somebody like Joshua Bonehill.

Labour Party

What will be the big issues?

Immigration, the economy, debt, cost of living, Jobs for the British, crime and pulling out of the E.U.

Any surprises?

Always. Election campaigns are defined by what goes wrong.

Could Ukip Win outright ?

Judging by growing public mood – yes.  But not the 2015 Election, maybe the 2019-20 Elections.

Could somebody else be in the running after 2015 ?

Up and coming outspoken and stern Nationalists like the above mentioned Joshua Bonehill are tipped for future big things and possible Premiership one day, but his age and experience is a consideration at the moment obviously.

A lot of people are for the idea of a strong Nationalist leader in the future, and already with people like Joshua Bonehill emerging at a still relatively young age, then it’s certain that he will play a big part in the future of British Politics.