General Election 2015. Labour Party. Left Wing Hypocrisy Racism and Fascism

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Labour Party Hypocrisy and Left Wing Double Standards. Left Wing Responsible for Political Correctness Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist Subculture of Weird Left Wing Politically Correct Crackpots and Sickos Brainwashed by Marxist Fruitcakes and Drop outs.

As the left/right competition for immigration rhetoric on the airwaves heats up, you can’t tell ’em apart. It’s only Ukip and the Nationalists that are called racist, and all the ‘Racist’ rhetoric always seems to come from the left wing.

Of course we all know why that is.

The far left wing Marxists who have infiltrated the Labour Party and their cohorts the Anti Fascist Anti British storm troopers like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘Unite Against Fascism’ gangs, are actually Communists.

We all know what Communist ideologies do within their regimes when they obtain power.

They establish extreme forms of dictatorship and classify anybody who does not tow the Party line as being ‘Politically incorrect’ – but within normal democracies like the U.K they just call you ‘Fascist and Racist’ to try to shame, bully, manipulate and intimidate opponents into silence and submission.

But another interesting fact is that under Communist regimes, they do not tolerate Religion or Minorities having an identity or a say in the regime, and as in the old Soviet Union they usually just make them ‘disappear’ in an extreme form of left wing Fascist and Racist tyranny.

Labour is now actually starting to talk about immigration here in the U.K because it realises that the British people will not tolerate the swamping of our country any more with immigrants, that hypocritically the Labour Party caused in the first place. David Blunkett’s warning that an influx of Roma migrants could lead to riots in Britain should be taken very seriously. Yet when Nationalists like Joshua Bonehill talk about it, it’s classed as racism.

Labour Party

Proud Nationalist and Patriot Joshua Bonehill.

“Mr Blunkett should be admired for the courage he has shown by speaking so plainly on this issue just like our brave and courageous Nationalists like Joshua Bonehill.

Nigel Farage said “Of course the type of language Mr Blunkett has used I would have been utterly condemned for using,” And he’s right.

People like Nigel Farage and Joshua Bonehill are still being condemned today, and we are letting the left wing racist Marxists get away with it !

The left are running hard to catch up and talk about immigration and openly admitting their spectacular failure to manage our borders since 2004.  They are afraid for their northern Labour strongholds. Ukip is the official opposition in the north.

The Conservative party, whilst trying to detoxify itself with the green agenda, hugging hoodies and gay marriage, has also stepped up its language on immigration with a massive own goal with the immigration vans. They are afraid for their key marginal seats with supporters haemorrhaging to Ukip.

Some say that the vans should of been put to much better use, with guaranteed outcomes to the solution.

The Lib Dems squirm over the immigration vans, yet they’re in government and approved them. They wholly embrace the EU so cannot be part of the discussion. We know where they stand.

When Jack Straw said that Muslim women should abandon wearing the burqa because it was a “visible statement of separation and difference” he quickly backed down.

And again when he asked women to remove their veils at meetings in his constituency office, he was attacked but never called a racist.

When Ukip proposes the banning of any face coverings in public they are attacked, most recently by the defence minister Anna Soubry on BBC’s Question Time.  I think the ladies on the panel got together in the loo and said ‘let’s look good by attacking Farage’.  Soubry, briefed by No 10, was let loose as an attack dog. She looked very silly and very shrill.

The Conservatives spin a great line about “women should be free to wear what they want” – have they asked the men who are representatives of a ‘certain’ religion in the U.K what they think about that we wonder ?

Of course the left wing ignore that little gem too.

There is a very real threat in the U.K since our borders were opened to 450 million E.U immigrants. The fact that Blunkett is talking of the significant difficulties with the Roma population already in his constituency should be taken seriously by the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

Channel 4 News with Romany journalist Jake Bowers. There was a new report out that showed there were already 200,000 Roma living in the UK.

Jake made the point that they have been here for 500 years and have never integrated. We agreed with him that there was a real problem if we couldn’t get our own Roma to integrate what chance did we have of the impending arrival of more?

As one commentator pointed out, those that are coming are illiterate, unhealthy, have scores of children and no proper roof over their heads – that was Isobel  Fonseca (aka Martin Amis’ wife), who has travelled with and written books about them. Has she ever been called a racist?

Yet, despite the tough words, is Mr Blunkett to support Ukip and Nationalists like Joshua Bonehill in explicitly opposing the opening of the doors of the U.K ?

The political class are trying to sweep this issue under the carpet but they should listen, act and stop the relaxing of border controls to all foreigners. The clock is ticking.

We wonder whether the Unite Against Fascism mob will turn up at Blunkett and Straw’s next public meeting or constituency surgery ? or will they just keep on attacking Farage and Bonehill ?

Hypocrisy any one ?