No Sympathy for Charlie Hebdo: The Marxists who brought it upon themselves

Be careful before you jump to the support of Charlie Hebdo and give them sympathy just because several of their employers were seemingly taken out by Islamic soldiers earlier today, they are Marxists. Charlie Hebdo, set up in 1970 has acted as a propaganda outlet to the Left-Wing in france for many decades and the deaths at their offices today are entirely their own fault.

See, France being a big supporter of the European Union and with it’s socialist government under François Hollande has failed to protect it’s citizens from the dangers of multiculturalism and diversity. Ever promoting diversity and eradicating the French Identity, france has successfully managed to cultivate Islamic extremists and all manner of other non-white forces to turn on the white French population when their backs are turned.

Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor of Charlie Hebdo who was shot and killed today, is a kind of french version of Nick Lowles, but also both a Jew and an Antifascist (AntiWhite).  Everybody killed in the attacks today would have almost certainly have been Anti-White, Left-Wing scum and there’s a great irony behind that as well.

Dead Marxist editor of Charlie Hebdo, Stéphane Charbonnier

The people who were killed today at Charlie Hebdo spent the best part of their lives preaching what eventually turned out to be their death, they wanted more Muslims in their country and actively celebrated diversity through their publication. You could question why it is that a Left-Wing publication decided to publish Anti-Islamic propaganda, well the answer to this is relatively simple.

There is a growing trend among the left-wing to target extreme Islam, realising that for the past decade where they have defended Islam and deemed it as racist to speak out about it, they were wrong and  are now in the process of doing a U-Turn in order to gain public support and sympathy for their cause. We as nationalists have always attempted to warn about the dangers of Multiculturalism and diversity, whilst the Left-Wing publicly branded us racists and stood by and actively supported the growth of Islamic extremism.

If only Charlie Hebdo had of listened to us instead of preaching diversity and multiculturalism, they only have themselves to blame for the deaths of the 12 people at their offices today.

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