NHS in Crisis Because of Left Wing Politically Correct Marxists

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NHS England staff spend 7 million of taxpayers cash on hotels, flights and train tickets in just a year. We must rid the NHS of all leftists and politically correct Marxists left over from the New Labour controlled horrifying years who still treat the NHS as if New Labour were still in power and act like the Marxists in the old Soviet Union.

  • Staff working at NHS England spent £7million on train and plane travel 
  • Expenses bill equates to £1,334 spent per member of staff at NHS England
  • Critics say the spending ‘sends the wrong message’ when times are tight 
  • NHS England was set up in 2013 as part of reforms to save NHS money
  • But new figures reveal organisation is proving a costly service to run 

Suspected left wing politically correct Marxists working for NHS England racked up expenses bills of more than £7 million on travel and staying in hotels in just 12 months and acted like Commissars in the old Soviet Union.

NHS England was established in 2013 as part of reforms to the health service which aimed to save the NHS money by reducing bureaucracy and consolidating commissioning in one centre.

But the move continues to prove costly for the taxpayer.

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

NHS England racked up an expenses bill of £7.1m in just one year. One of the highest claimants was Tim Kelsey, director for patients and information, who claimed £46,000 in expenses for travel and hotel bills

The total expenses bill submitted by NHS England staff last year equates to about £1,334 spent per staff member on flights, travelling on trains and staying in hotels in the UK and abroad,  the Yorkshire Post reported.

NHS England has offices in Leeds and London and employs around 5,000 staff.

Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said: ‘It is alarming that such vast sums of money are being spent in this way. At a time when the NHS is under such huge financial pressures, this type of waste is unacceptable.

‘We must remember that the NHS is paid for by the tax-payer, and it belongs to patients and the public.

We must root out and get rid of all leftists, Marxists and politically correct cranks within our NHS

‘Every pound spent on expenses is a pound lost for the delivery of frontline services. This money would have been better invested in resourcing our wards with front-line staff and in improving patient care. We cannot continue to allow patient care to suffer due to poor management and wasteful spending of precious resources.

Unison said the spending appeared to be high and said the organisation should be ‘tightening its belt’ at a time when staff were being refused pay rises.

Christina McAnea, head of health at Unison, said: ‘When times are tight, this is one of the areas that NHS England must be cutting back on.

‘Huge amounts of money being spent on executive travel, cars and other perks sends out completely the wrong message.’

The central NHS body was set up to cut bureaucracy in a reorganisation by ministers and led by Sir David Nicholson.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of NHS England spent £32,000 in expenses
 Sir David Nicholson (left), who spearheaded the reforms, claimed £32,000 in expenses while chief nurse Jane Cummings (right) submitted a £27,000 bill which included money claimed for hotels and travel expenses

This saw strategic health authorities (SHAs) and primary care trusts (PCTs) abolished and replaced by NHS England and locally run clinical commissioning groups. The changes were designed to reduce the number of managers and put decision-making in the hands of doctors.

But the measures, introduced by the then health secretary Andrew Lansley, been criticised as introducing dozens of new quangos and expenses for the health service.

A spokesman said: ‘NHS England has staff based all over England, and it is necessary for them to be out talking to patients, clinicians and others in order to carry out the work of commissioning healthcare.

‘Staff are expected to think like patients and act like taxpayers, and from April 2014 no staff were permitted to travel first class, and must use public transport where available.’

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money 

NHS England was set up in 2013 to save money

All staff at NHS England are expected to book travel and hotel arrangements through Leeds-based company Redfern and to use public transport instead of taxis.

This is not the first time the organisation has been hit be revelations of large expenses claims by its staff.

In the first year of NHS England’s existence £195,802 was spent by just nine board members of NHS England on travel and hotels.

The top spender was Tim Kelsey, national director for patients and information at NHS England, who lavished £46,000 on taxi bills and plush hotels.

Sir David Nicholson, former chief executive of the organisation, claimed £32,000 in expenses, while Jane Cummings, chief nurse, spent £27,000.

Since the revelations about expenses, staff have been banned from using first class rail travel. The quango also spent £1.2m on kitting out staff with iPhones and iPads since it was launched in April 2013.

Critics also claim the NHS wasted money by giving managers axed by the reforms large pay-offs, only to rehire them again with large salaries.