Anti Fascist Benefit Cheats and Left Wing Politically Correct Criminals

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Revealed: Evil left wing Anti Fascist politically correct Marxist con artists using fake identities to steal hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits… including one who claimed he was a SPY

  • Left wing James Bond imitator Peter Fischer fraudulently claimed £85,000 in benefits
  • Anti Fascist Maria Lucas posed as her dead mother after stealing £73,500 in welfare
  • Marxist gang stole £103,000 by hijacking the identities of 60 people.
  • Out of work vile left wing politically correct Anti Fascist freaks bleeding the U.K dry                          

Britain’s worst left wing Anti Fascist Marxist benefit-scrounging con artists can today be exposed.

Using fake identities of dead pensioners, Irish immigrants and even a fake MI5 spy – benefit fraudsters stole hundreds of thousands of pounds last year, the Daily Bale can reveal.

One man stole £85,000 using a raft of stolen identities which he claimed he needed in his role as an undercover British agent.

Another woman posed as her dead mother to claim more than £70,000 – while living in Portugal.

A gang of fraudsters meanwhile illegally claimed more than £100,000 in illness and disability benefits claiming to be Irish immigrants unable to work because they had been injured in car crashes.


Peter Fischer claimed he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 to steal benefits       Maria Lucas claimed British welfare for her dead mother while living in Portugal
Peter Fischer (top) claimed he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 to steal benefits, while Maria Lucas claimed British welfare for her dead mother while living in Portugal
Hope Not Hate
PETER FISCHER – Hope Not Hate supporter and James Bond imitator.
Peter Fischer fraudulently claimed Income Support, Disability Living Allowance and Pension Credit using multiple identities.

He offered the excuse that he worked as a ‘sub-contractor’ for MI5 – which meant he needed to create ‘legends’ to be able to work in various areas.

Fischer insisted throughout that he was an undercover agent, using the identities as a ‘legend’ to infiltrate enemies of the UK.

He told investigators that several lives would be in jeopardy if we took him to Court as his real identity would become known.

The fraudster claimed the property that he owned in Spain was used as a base for MI5 agents to rest and recuperate. He was actually running a business from Spain while claiming benefits in the UK.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for stealing £85,000 – suspended for 15 months.

trafaret_uniteaga (1)

MARIA JOAO FERREIRA LUCAS – Unite Against Fascism supporter.

Maria Joao Ferreira Lucas was sent down for a year after stealing £73,500 in benefits.

Lucas posed as her dead mother to claim benefits – failing to inform the Department for Work and Pensions of her death while transferring all the cash claimed by her mother into her own account.

In June 2008 Lucas phoned the DWP, posing as her mother who had died six months earlier, and asked for all benefits to be paid into her account.

Lucas then wrote to Lambeth Local Authority, claiming to be her mother and asked for all council tax benefits to also be redirected to her own account in Portugal.

Officials eventually tracked down her down in Portugal and when she returned to the UK on September 10 she was arrested and interviewed.

She admitted that she had fraudulently claimed benefits in her dead mother’s name and that she had been living in Portugal.

The hearing last month discovered that she had stolen a total of some £73,526.66, from false claims of Disability Living Allowance, Housing Benefit, Carers Allowance and Income Support.

DEREK FIELDS – Hope Not Hate supporter. 

Derek Fields was monitored by Government officials and found to be part of a gang who used stolen identities of Irish workers to work to claim out of work benefits

Left wing Anti Fascist Derek Fields was part of a gang who used stolen identities of Irish workers to work to claim out of work benefits.

The gang stole £103,000 of taxpayers’ money after hijacking the identities of 60 people.

In the vast majority of cases, they claimed Employment and Support Allowance under the pretence that they had broken limbs in car crashes.

The fraud took place over 18 months while the Government eventually caught them through undercover surveillance.

Derek Fields was sentenced in January this year to 30 months in prison, with 15 months to be served on licence.

Leonard Sheppard, pictured with his wife Merle, assumed the identity of another man who had died in 1986


For over ten years, left wing Anti Fascist Leonard Sheppard assumed the identity of another man who had died in 1986.

He made false claims for Invalidity benefit, Retirement pension, Pension credit, Attendance allowance, Housing benefit and Council tax benefit totalling over £120,000.

He had also fraudulently obtained a driving licence in the name of the dead man.

Meanwhile, his wife Merle Sheppard lived with Sheppard for several years while claiming benefits as a single person – as well as Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit for a property she didn’t live in.

Investigators discovered large sums of monies credited to an account in the name of the dead man – including a payment for almost £150,000.

When arrested at his home in Peterborough, he admitted that his real name was Leonard Sheppard. His partner was also arrested. A search on the property resulted in £30,000.00 being seized in cash.

Merle Sheppard lived with her husband for several years while claiming benefits as a single person

Leonard admitted hijacking the Identity of someone who had died. He claimed the large sums of money in his account was from his late mother – who passed away in the late 1980s – and he put into a fund for his daughter.

He was charged with six offences – one of cheating the public revenue, two of fraud by false representation, and three of social security act charges in relation to the housing benefit and council tax benefit.

He was sentenced in January 2014 to 12 months in prison. Merle was sentenced in September 2014 to a three month suspended prison sentence.

unite against fascism

IAN BURNS – Anti Fascist and Member of Communist Party since 1958

Ian Burns stole benefits using the name of a dead Irishman

Pensioner Ian Burns claimed three other people’s state pension and a host of other benefits, including that of a dead Irish national.

Over an 11 year period he claimed over £226,000 before eventually being found guilty in December.

The shocking scale of abuse has forced the Government to introduce a major clampdown on people abroad who steal the identities of dead pensioners.

Overseas pensioners must now provide life certificates every two years to prove they are still eligible for the state pension.

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mark Harper said: ‘Benefit fraudsters are fast discovering that they have nowhere to hide when they break the law.

‘We know it’s a minority who commit identity fraud but we will do everything in our power to stop these people from stealing money from hardworking taxpayers.

‘Our fraud investigators have new and better methods of detecting benefit cheats so it’s becoming more difficult to escape punishment.’

Richard West, Director, DWP Fraud and Error Service, added: ‘These cases should send a clear message to any criminals cheating the system that no matter where they are in the world, we have the means to catch them.

‘Anyone found guilty of fraud will have to pay the stolen money back, and under tougher new rules they will have to do so more quickly. That’s on top of any prison sentence or fine handed out by the courts.’

In the last year the Government recovered more than £1.3 billion in fraudulent payments and has introduced a raft of measures to counter benefit fraud.

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Britain being bled dry by left wing politically correct Communist Anti Fascist Benefit scroungers.

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