The Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist – A Lesson In Pure Evil.


The Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist – A Lesson In Pure Evil.

It’s very easy to immediately brand politically correct sick vile left-wing and liberal individuals as self-hating, anti-British and hateful, and in many cases that is indeed true. However, it may not be entirely true with a majority of cases.

Before I continue, I must note that I am not by any means suggesting that the policies and ideologies put forward by these people are not hateful or anti-British, but what I am saying is that these people may honestly not believe that what they are doing is wrong, or particularly hateful, and the individuals themselves may be so brainwashed and so sick at various points that –

“Psychiatry could in actual fact diagnose left wing political correctness and Anti Fascism as a Psychotic condition and highly destructive to the welfare of the state if allowed to continue

In other words, these sickos can quite rightly be viewed as dangerous at times and most certainly evil.

But what is to be done with them after the democratic acquisition of power of a Nationalist Government ?

It’s no surprise to anyone on our side of politics to hear that the youth of today are being indoctrinated by the universities and education system as a whole. This is one of the primary reasons why such a large proportion of our youth are leftist confused self conscious self hating liberals or Marxist sickos, and why it is only deemed acceptable in society to be publicly liberal – but not publicly right.

It is this indoctrination that paves the way towards the destruction of Britain as a nation and the British/ European peoples as an ethnic group. However, we must recognise that a large majority of the Left are not necessarily promoting that.

In fact, most of the Left we come across truly believe that what they are doing will not result in the wholesale replacement of a people. This is partially blatant ignorance of facts and demographics, but also down to delusion caused by indoctrination at the educational level.

Generations of left-wing influence has resulted in young people and institutions who fundamentally oppose conservative values. It has created a left-wing press, an abundance of left-wing youth magazines like VICE, and an overall left-wing ‘liberal’ society that abhors anything that does not abide by its rules.

To suggest, however, that we are living in a country full of people who recognise that multiculturalism is damaging but go along with it anyway, would be absurd.

To suggest that only we, real Nationalists, love Britain is to tread on conspiracy theory territory.

In fact, we Nationalists are the ones who recognise a threat in the face of indoctrination, and not necessarily the only people who love Britain.

It’s hard to swallow, but we have to accept that many of the people we oppose today actually are patriotic to some extent, at least in their own minds, but simply fail to realise that the policies or ideas that they accept as ‘normal’ are damaging and very sick and depraved.

Remember, most people out there are not out campaigning with UAF. Most people out there are not trying to scream us down as ‘racist’ – only the real sick demented perverse evil politically correct Marxist cranks, weirdos and extreme left wing psychos do that.

In fact, most people out there just wish to have an easy life, and so accept what they deem to be normal or told by left wing sick brainwashing.

That’s pretty easy to understand. I’m sure most of us can see how the left wing manipulate society.

I know I cannot be alone in saying that from time to time I think about my involvement in politics and question whether I would be happier just having an easier life and ignoring these problems that I have grown to recognise.

So what’s the reason for pointing this out?

Well first of all, many right-wing Nationalist or even conservative groups have acquired a reputation for being hateful and negative. This is certainly partly because the media are fundamentally left-wing and egged on by militant left-wing and sick politically correct communist cranks, but it is also because of the claim by right-wing conservatives that they are the only patriots and that all of the Left hate Britain and its people.

They really don’t.

We on the Daily Bale have more than enough contributors and informers who are actually in left wing Anti Fascist organisations and feed us information on a regular basis, we are just limited at the moment as to what we can use because of ongoing legal proceedings, but we have it all logged, and some of it has been passed on to the authorities that we feel had be done in the interest of law before we could publish it ourselves after our legal proceedings come to an end later this year.

But the point here is, we have been surprised ourselves at just how many people want to get out of these organisations and groups, but feel they would be better in them at the moment so as to expose them for what they really are.

The Daily Bale has been sent some very interesting intelligence over the course of the last four months, and we are now certain we have the names of ‘certain individuals’ that run very well known anonymous Anti Fascist sites on social media.

Again, it would be opening up a whole new can or worms for us to reveal these names here, and we will not do that by any means to put people in danger, but we will use those names when and if the law warrants it, or we feel that somebody else could be in danger through actions of these evil vile individuals at large and upon the internet, and we will work very closely with the police to expose and bring to justice left wing violent aggressive criminal thugs and malicious criminal Marxist conspirators and left wing Anti Fascist race hate stirrers and instigators of public disorder.

We will protect the public from the targeting by leftist Anti Fascists of innocent members of the public who have done no more than to ‘not agree’ with the evil of left wing political correctness and the evil atrocities we have seen in the U.K over the last decade like the Rotherham abuse carried out with the blessing of left wing politically correct monsters and animals.

Eventually we  must bring all the people involved with left wing politically correct criminality in the U.K to justice and they must answer for what they have done in front of a court of law and public trial.

These criminals can never be allowed to just walk away from this when we restore order within the U.K

But let us get back to the message in question here and point out that by suggesting that people who tacitly accept the values of the Left are haters of Britain, the Right creates for itself an image of intolerance and misguided superiority.

It is the left wing Anti Fascist politically correct vile Marxists who hate Britain and not your average old school labour supporter who only wants fair wages or better working conditions e.c.t.

That image needs to change now. Conservative movements that oppose immigration and the threat posed by it against the West must accept that the problem is not that our people hate Britain, but that they are simply unaware of the problems that will ensue if the present threats are ignored and that it is only the left wing politically correct Marxist Anti Fascists who really hate Britain and must be eventually dealt with.

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill is just one of the charismatic and leading Nationalists within the U.K today who is a forerunner in exposing left wing political correctness and the Anti British Anti Fascist Marxist criminals.

In order to reverse this negative image and to ensure that the West remains the free, positive, forward-thinking and advanced society we value, we must be reaching out to the Left, but only if and when they clean house, get on board with us like some of their fellow members already have done, and denounce the Anti Fascist Anti British vile sick Marxists amongst them.

We must reach out to those who do not demonstrate against us, but yet may initially disagree with us. We must help inform those who don’t have strong arguments against us, and those who are being indoctrinated by the extremists, to understand our position.

As for UAF and other communists, we must continue analysing their hypocrisy, outing their lies and showing the public what hateful people they really are. Remember, we’re fighting the communists, not regular British people.

What’s more, we must not stoop to their level. We must not use the same hateful, nasty tactics that the Left use against us. We must be better than them. We should be treating the Left like children, because mentally and politically, that’s what they are.

Keep this in mind, and we could be on the way to creating a new Nationalist and Socialist, culturist, anti-jihad, pro-British and Anti-European movement that is not plagued by negativity, but instead blessed by positive energy and thought from everybody involved.