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If you spend much time in political forums, or any forum, really, you have no doubt encountered that bane of rational thought and discussion – the left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sick Troll.
This is a creature who feeds off the chaos and discord caused by his thoughtless, and irrational posts. Wikipedia defines a Troll as:”someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”Some have slightly different definitions, but that one covers the basics.

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Joshua Bonehill
Joshua Bonehill is one of the leading Nationalist forerunners in combating the evil of left wing political correctness within the U.K The aim of these guidelines is to help you deal with a particular disgusting evil sick species of troll, the Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Anti British troll.To Identify this type, we will start with the most obvious aspects, and work to the most subtle. This is because there are differing levels of the manifestation of the characteristics, and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a left wing sicko troll from a well-meaning, but mentally deficient brainwashed person who has fallen foul of these weirdos online and been convinced by them that everybody thinks that way and it is the ‘moral’ way to think and behave within society.

A left wing politically correct weirdo and sick pervert troll may:

-Attack the character of the other participants, or call them names.
-Ignore sited information and scientific proofs as “conservative propaganda”
-Blame Joshua Bonehill (whether Bonehill has any bearing on the matter or not)
-Change the subject of the debate. This happens when the troll nears his “blank out” point (the point at which any logic the troll’s argument had deviates from his rhetoric) or when any common sense go beyond the 1 or 2 steps and the left wing sicko troll has realised that their own argument is ridiculous and they feel rather silly.
Hope not hate. U.A.FRemember, the left wing sicko troll feeds off emotional response. So NEVER show emotion. Structure your arguments logically, never accept a faulty premise, and most of all, have fun.
Left wing sicko troll hunting can be a good opportunity to hone your debating skills, while impressing the other participants of the decent Nationalist upright community.Here are some methods to use when troll hunting.-Stick to answering 1 thread and subject at a time. Don’t let the opponent shift the subject.

-Whenever possible, argue the underlying principle instead of the specific issue. using extreme examples of the principle behind your opponent’s argument, you force him to either admit the absurdity, or defend it.

-Try to form questions in the form: “why should you do x for me?” This forces him to defend his premise while fighting his own inate selfishness.

-If the opponent makes a good specific point which conflicts with principle, acknowledge the point, but point out the conflict.

-Try to set ground rules with the left wing weirdo, and point out violations.

-Try to get the left wing sicko to agree on a premise, then show how their argument contradicts the premise they agreed to.

-Use sarcasm, silliness, or ridicule sparingly, if at all.

-Never attack your opponent, attack his argument. No name calling, the left wing weirdo knows deep down that they are weird and anti social sickos, so just let them sit with that and condemn themselves in their own conscience.

Most left wing Anti Fascists have (self hatred and anger issues) stemming from childhood, this is usually around a parent or sibling, and is ongoing. Left wing sickos project that anger outwards towards anybody who they see as disagreeing with their own particular warped view on life and they internalise any disagreement towards them as some form of rejection, hence they relive parental rejection or sibling jealously from childhood.
Political Correctness
The bottom line is that left wing politically correct Anti Fascists are still children emotionally and they are still hurting from lack of recognition or love, they feel rejected and social outcasts from everybody else and they are very uncomfortable around social settings and gatherings within normal society.
This is why they always tend to hide away, use anonymous profiles on social media, and live in secret underground communities where they know each others identity but keep it secret from other normal people.
A left wing weirdo is usually always obvious to a normal member of society, and we all know who they are when you see one.  Nature instinctively tells you “that person is not right” – they look strange, dress strange, and you very quickly pick up on the fact that they are also very aware that they are strange and do not quite fit in with those around them in a public setting.
This is why they always band together in seedy settings like squats or communes, and join weird organisations and Anti Fascist gangs like ‘Hope Not Hate’ or ‘Unite Against Fascism’
It is becoming more and more common in this internet dominated age for left wing Anti Fascist weird sickos to be loners in tax payer funded bedsits and squalid run down flats, where they access the internet all day and night and hence do their vile online trolling and try to vent their self hatred upon a world that they see as leaving them behind and hating them.
In recent years, great Nationalists and Heroes like Joshua Bonehill (above) have been priceless to the British people and Nation in exposing left wing political correctness and left wing Anti Fascist Anti British traitors.
The Joshua Bonehill official site can be found at –

Joshua Bonehill was also one of the very first forerunners in exposing the left wing politically correct cover up of grooming gangs within the U.K.
Joshua Bonehill was targeted by left wing Anti Fascists who  desperately tried to silence him and vilify him as a racist and a fascist.
Joshua went on to give radio interviews with BBC Asian Network to give a full account of why he was pointing the finger and exposing grooming gangs publicly.
Shortly after this, the victims of these grooming gangs began to come forward and the left wing politically correct cover up was fully exposed.
uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741Whenever possible when dealing with left wing sickos, use the “desert island” analogy and refer to the atrocities covered up by left wing politically correct weirdos as was done in Rotherham, Bristol, Birmingham e.c.t.
This gets all questions of there being any morality on their part out of the way, and forces the consideration of only the rights involved of those hurt by the actions of these left wing sickos.
Left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist criminals have no morality.  Full stop.In any sort of political debate with these weirdos, if you can get them to debate, or even have any reason to in the first place, then everything can be related to the free market, you just have to follow the logic to its conclusion.
There can be no Socialism without Nationalism.-Point out that every person will act in a way to increase his happiness, even if he considers that happiness to be the “warm fuzzy feeling” of helping his fellow man. Some consider wealth as happiness, and that wealth combined with putting back in to the community from your own wealth is both Nationalist and Socialist.
We have no need of left wing Marxist sickos, weirdos or Anti Fascist perverts.Most importantly, NEVER call a troll a troll. This is what they want, and counts as name calling. If you do this, you have lost the argument and the troll has just had a hearty meal that will sustain him for many posts to come.We hope this guide helps you to understand and defeat the next left wing evil Anti Fascist politically correct troll you encounter.

It could save your sanity.
Never allow yourself to fall prey to a left wing politically correct sicko, weirdo or pervert.