Joshua Bonehill’s New Year message

Joshua Bonehill

Now that the festivities of this seasonal holiday are finally over with, we as a mass movement can return to full time ideological war as we prepare to move into the next stage of the National revolution. This we must always remember, we as a majority of people are in an ever-constant state of war and we are soldiers in this revolutionary fight which will dictate the future of our people.

Joshua Bonehill

There can be no mistaking that hard times lay ahead, many of our soldiers will face imprisonment this year as the state moves to silence us. At some point this year, I anticipate being imprisoned for my non-crimes against Marxists and the empire of Judea. Not only will I face imprisonment but also I will lose everything, effectively facing complete homelessness and destitution at the hands of the state. I however do not moan or take qualm with theā€¦

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