British Nationalism 2015: The Five Year Plan

Joshua Bonehill

As we come to the end of 2014, it’s time to summarize this year and look to the future ahead, a future of both great uncertainty and uncharted territory.


2014 has been a relatively poor year for the nationalist front, we’ve had the rise of civic nationalist and Judea Party, UKIP, whilst Nick Griffin departed from the British National Party thus ending an era of dominance in British Nationalism. Whilst the BNP is still afloat, another smaller offshoot party by the name of ‘British Voice’ has sprung up and intends to compete with the BNP, which can only further cause nationalist fragmentation.

Zionist groups like English Defence League and Britain First have seemingly attempted to hack away at the remnants of the BNP and it’s main foot soldier core, leaving our once prominent party in a poor state in comparison to years gone by. Contrary to popular speculation, the BNP…

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