Political Correctness Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Monsters Beat Man Savagely


Left wing Anti Fascist Anti Ukip politically correct Marxist thugs beat man, 48, so badly he had to have metal plates inserted in his face just for asking them to stop their dog barking.

Michael Matthews was left unconscious with a caved-in eye socket and a bruised eyeball.

He was repeatedly kicked in the head by three left wing vile disgusting Anti Fascist politically correct sickos and weirdos after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet.

Patriot, Michael needed four metal plates in his face to help rebuild his eye socket.

The leftist gang of politically correct Anti Fascist weirdos who crept up on their victim were jailed for a year each.

Hope not hate. U.A.F

It should of been life.

The British Public are sick and tired of these self righteous left wing Anti British Anti Fascist communists and Marxist sickos freaks and weirdos.

Michael Matthews was left unconscious, had a caved-in eye socket and had a bruised eyeball following the terrifying assault

A man was beaten so badly he needed four metal plates to hold his face together – and all because he asked his neighbours to stop their dog from barking.

Michael Matthews, 48, from Gloucester, was left unconscious with a caved-in eye socket and a bruised eyeball following the terrifying assault.

He was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teenage yobs after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet, which had barked relentlessly for 12 hours.

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But this week, the trio were jailed for a year each for the assault after a hearing at Gloucester Crown Court.

Mr Matthews said: ‘The dog had been barking for hours, and we were desperate for a bit of peace.

‘I went round to ask them nicely if they could stop the dog from barking.

‘From out of nowhere, they were next to me. My girlfriend said they kicked me when I was on the floor at least 30 times.

‘I’m just glad it’s all over now, it’s been a long two years. They never showed any remorse, contrition or shame – it was a pack mentality.

‘The lads tried to claim that the damage they’d done to me was from one punch, which is just ludicrous. If that’s the case then they must be related to Mike Tyson.’

He was greeted at the door by Rhys Roberts, 20, Lewis Knight, 19 and Scott Fry, 21, who were visiting a friend.


The three, all in their teens when the attack happened, then crept up on Michael as he returned to his house and furiously assaulted him, throwing him to the ground and kicking him in the head.
The victim needed four metal plates in his face to help rebuild a caved-in eye socket, had a bruised eyeball and suffered two broken fingers.

Michael was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teens after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quietMichael was repeatedly kicked in the head by three teens after he had visited his neighbours to ask them to keep a noisy dog quiet

The assault happened in April 2012 and Michael and partner of nine years, Julie Tripcony, have lived in fear over the past two years.

Mr Matthews, a carpenter, had delivered a note the week before after the noise of a dog barking had kept him and Julie awake for weeks.

He said: ‘It still hurts like hell now, especially when it’s cold. It’s like someone pushing on my face all day.

‘I could never have imagined that going to their house could have ended up with something like this.

‘I’d popped a note through their door a few weeks before as this dog was barking 12 hours, day and night – we couldn’t sleep.

‘But when I went to the house and three men who didn’t live there answered the door, I suddenly felt pretty scared. But I asked could they please keep the noise down and then left.

‘I knew going round wouldn’t make much difference, but what happened next will stay with me for a good few years.

Jailed: Scott FryThug: Rhys RobertsGuilty: Lewis Knight
The three left wing politically correct Anti Fascist evil vile sick Marxist monsters.

‘Next thing I knew I was on the ground, covered in blood. I didn’t think I was unconscious, but I must’ve been knocked out. I staggered back to my house after people helped pick me up.

‘I’m a big bloke and I played rugby for years, so I’ve had my fair share of cuts and bruises. But they knocked me down and just kicked away from what I’ve been told.

‘The surgeon was convinced that I was hit with something, a weapon or a ring or something – that’s why there was so much blood.

‘My cheekbone and eye socket were compressed down into my face. My nosed had to be wired to my cheekbone there was so little left there and the four metal plates hold it together.

‘It was two weeks before the surgeons could even start on my face, but the job they did – I’m so grateful.’

Partner Julie, a nanny, saw the whole attack and had to put aside her terror to help Michael.

Michael and Julie have been left traumatised by the horrific beating, which happened in their street
Decent British Citizens.

Ms Tripcony said: ‘It was horrendous what I saw – I honestly thought Michael was going to die as they kicked away at him.

‘I still look at Michael and I’m stunned that a human being can take that sort of beating.
‘When I grabbed one of them to try and make them stop, I thought he was going to go for me. But he went back and just kept on kicking away.

‘It’s been a nightmare. I don’t think it’s all over and I hoped they would be out our lives for longer.

‘Just from the sheer amount of blood that Michael was covered in, and lost, it covered our house. We had to redecorate our hall and throw out the sofa.

‘It’s almost as if it still haunts us – it’s like a horror film. I’ve had counselling and thank God Michael has fully recovered.

‘But you can’t behave like this and get away with it – and it feels like that’s happened a little bit.

‘People need to know that a punishment fits a crime. And I want them to see what they’ve done.’
Mr Matthews has been forced to take a lot of time off work since the assault.

Gloucester Crown Court was shown graphic pictures of blood on the doorstep and spattered up a window where the attack happened during the case.

Roberts was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm at trial earlier this year. Both Knight and Fry admitted the same charge after three trials in total.