On the proposition of a Racist Pride festival

Joshua Bonehill

I’ve often toyed with the idea of branding racism and adopting it as an affectionate title whilst legitimising it’s credibility and welcoming the great white British public to stand with me in racist unity, to the utter shock and fury of the cultural marxist degenerates.

Racist Sign Pic

Firstly as rationally minded people, we have to acknowledge the fact that racism is perfectly natural and exists in every healthy society. Racism exists because as human beings we notice when something is different to us, for instance we’ll point out when somebody is fat, thin, ugly, pretty and the list goes on.

We are all different, my skin is white and a Negro has black skin. to try and ignore these differences is in fact both intolerant and bigoted, in fact we should point these differences out and be proud to be different. It get’s tiring hearing people say “I’m not racist but..” or…

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