Joshua Bonehill V Tesco: The evidence

Joshua Bonehill

In the article I created on the Daily Bale, ‘Ebola infection may have entered tesco foods in UK’ I never once directly accused Tesco of definitely being contaminated with the Ebola virus. I am now being taken to court under the Public Order Act 1986 (Contamination of goods) for writing this article, an offence that carries a ten year sentence.

Because of this blatant oppression of my free speech, I am now forced to prove my claims in the initial article and highlight the risk of ebola contamination in British food imports from Africa. All of the evidence provided in this article is entirely factual and references to information sources will be provided.

It should also be known that I intend to plead not guilty and force the court to up my case to crown court so that I may be given a platform to present these findings and clear…

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