Two Tribes go to war: Joshua Bonehill V Tesco

As many of you will remember, I drew attention to the fact that British food imports from Africa that were being sold by Tesco and other major supermarkets were at risk from Ebola contamination in an article I published on the Daily Bale earlier this year.


After the fully justified and caring article went viral, I was subsequently arrested by Hertfordshire police under the Public Order Act 1986 (Contamination of goods).

Since giving a no comment interview to **evil politically correct police officers from Hertfordshire, I have received a Postal Requisition ordering me to attend St Albans court house in Hertfordshire on January 6th, 2015.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for giving me this chance to publicly expose the risk of contamination to British foods from African imports. The CPS and magistrates court can be assured that I will be pleading not guilty and will be fighting this all the way to the crown courts if necessary.

I am very concerned about the risk of Ebola contamination for all British food imports from Africa, to put me on trial for this concern is ludicrous but it’ll give me both a platform and voice to express this concern. I have put together a large body of evidence voicing my concern, a dossier to be frank. This dossier will be presented to the courts and I will attempt to protect our people from this plague of deadly Ebola.

Criminal outfit Tesco, which is currently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, is Britain’s largest supermarket and owns a vast capitalist empire. I strongly suspect that Tesco has been applying pressure to the People’s Police force in order to see convictions brought against me, this I will also be investigating.

The maximum punishment for Section 38 under the Public Order act 1986 (Contamination of or interference with goods with intention of causing public alarm or anxiety) is 10 years in prison. I am to assume that Tesco’s lawyers will be pushing for the full sentence of 10 years. With this in mind,  I take no fear or anxiety of such a lengthy term and will embrace the time in solitude and isolation, strengthening my nationalist anti-establishment beliefs.

Billion pound capitalist outfit Tesco claims that I have caused loss or damage to their vast empire, me being a man of working class and humble means. I will also be bringing this to the fray, frankly I am concerned with Tesco’s growth and the level of local economy butchery that has unfolded as Tesco has grown.

Yes, indeed I will be standing in the docks on trial. but I will be acting as the People’s Prosecutor against Tesco and putting them on trial with a string of undeniable and true facts, provided within a vast body of evidence.

Joshua Bonehill

Joshua Bonehill

For voicing my concern about possible Ebola contamination, I am certainly not guilty of contaminating goods and there is no malicious intent behind any of my actions.

In the event of my imprisonment, I will be calling for a nationwide boycott of Tesco and staging a hunger protest in spite of my arrest.

Let it be known that I will fight this with every ounce of energy in my body, Tesco does not scare me with it’s empire or vast wealth, I know that the will of the people will lie wholly with my prosecution of Tesco.

Joshua Bonehill

**I stated that the police officer was ‘Evil and politically correct’ because she was more concerned about reading Left-Wing comments out during the Interview from Twitter and the Daily Bale, comments that bore no relevance to the interview and were said in spite to personally attack me.

The way how these comments were read by PC Emily Martin of Hertfordshire Police were done using a dramatic and manipulative voice, as if to personally manipulate me in what seemed to be a flaccid and pathetic attempt at ‘breaking me’. Suffice to say, because of the evil and manipulative nature of this police interview, I chose to go No Comment and walked away with my integrity and honour intact. I recognise that not all Police Officers are like this, in fact there’s many nationalistic officers within the force but unfortunately since the advent of New Labour, we’ve been forced to accept these ‘other’ politically correct police officers in order to ensure that both equality and diversity is maintained.