Jews not Zionists

Joshua Bonehill

We see people often describing themselves as ‘Anti-Zionists’ or proclaiming that they are fighting against Zionism to which they view as a threat to the world. Zionism is the global political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the ‘Land of Israel’, this however does not address the Jewish problem as a whole.


Nationalists tend to describe themselves as Anti-Zionists in fear of being branded racists or Anti-Semitic, but every good and honourable racial nationalist should by default classify themselves as Anti-Semitics. Being openly Anti-Semitic is no shame whatsoever, it’s an immense position of knowledge that decrees you are aware of the vast judeo-conspiracy that threatens our world and race.

This doesn’t mean to say that we should dismiss Zionism entirely, instead we need to recognise that Zionism is simply a sub issue within the Jewish problem. Jews by…

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