Competition: Snappa Marxist

There’s nothing we like more than going up to sick left-wing perverts, taking pictures of a close up of their face and sticking it all over the bale before branding them sickos and weirdos.

Snappa Marxist or ‘Snap a Marxist’ is a new competition we’re launching. If you happen to be in a situation where you are close to a Marxist pervert then simply hold your hand up to his face with a camera and zoom in, as close as you can until you’ve got a nice image, then simply snap away (Preferably with flash on).

The Marxist you snap must be a proven Marxist and preferably needs to look subhuman or have a beard. In days gone by we’d brand them paedophiles because of the Left-Wing’s connections to PIE and the Rotherham scandal but we can’t do this anymore as members of the BALE team have been arrested for malicious communications and harassment in doing so.

Taking pictures of Marxists and calling them Marxists in articles is however perfectly legal, these people need to be named and shamed for their perverse politically correct criminality. In order to avoid legal persecution you must not use any form of aggression and be civil to the Marxist to ensure he doesn’t get on the phone and ring 999. It’s best to take pictures at demos or in situations where you can prove the person is a left-wing marxist, that way no false accusations can be made.

We will then take the image and put them in our gallery of shame whilst branding them marxists for the public to see.

All entries can be sent to or

Good luck!