Is Father Christmas a Left-Wing Paedophile?

With a fake beard, red coat and innocent appearance, this predatory monster could almost get away with being Father Christmas, but the Daily Bale can report he is in fact sick left-wing convicted Paedophile, Tom O’Carroll

Tom O'Carroll

Merry Paedomas, Sick Left-Wing Paedophile Tom O’Carroll dresses as santa to lure children

Sick Paedophile, O’Carroll has been trying a lot of things recently in order to lure unsuspecting children into his sleigh but we’ve never seen him sink so low until we spotted him dressed as Father Christmas. Indeed, much speculation has befallen the Father Christmas myth, with many people pointing the finger at Father Christmas as being a predatory paedophile who sneaks into people’s houses and enters the room of sleeping children.

It’s a sick move by Tom O’Carroll who presumably hoped to bag up children in his ‘present sack’ and make off with them in the back of his sleigh where he could take them to his paedophilic nest, ‘Santa’s Grotto’. O’Carroll who used to be the self-proclaimed leader of P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange) brags of his sick paedophilic conquests and intentions of abducting children at his blog Heretic TOC.

Clearly dressed in red, this paedophile Father Christmas imitator is showing his support for the Labour Party and communism in general. Santa Clause is traditionally green, so therefore we must assume that the change in attire must also relate to a change in political alignment.

Santa Clause as we know is a myth made up to give children hope at christmas, but could Santa Clause actually be a sick predatory paedophile? The evidence we’ve presented certainly seems to back that up.

Peter Callaghan,

Reporting for Daily Bale News