Exposed: The Jewish conspiracy to destroy Free Speech

Joshua Bonehill

In recent weeks my attention has been thrust in the direction of a Jewish Lawyer by the name of Mark Lewis, to whom I understand is trying to destroy White nationalist free speech by working to place an injunction against nationalist parties and groups from allowing them to openly talk of the Jewish problem.

Mark Lewis Lawyer Mark Lewis, the Lawyer who wants to silence you

Lewis, an admitted Zionist, worked previously to defend the Phone hacking victims against Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World before cashing in and moving to California with his celebrity wife, Caroline Feraday. Occasionally returning to the UK in order to deal with legal cases, Lewis has now turned his focus to deal with what he describes as a ‘plague of Anti-Semitism’.

After Garron Helm was imprisoned for four weeks, the Jewish establishment went into meltdown after witnessing the furious backlash against them for imprisoning a young White…

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