Convicted Paedophile builds a Child Robot, ‘Paedobot’ to sell on the British market

Evil convicted Paedophile and former leader of P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange), Tom O’Carroll has this week held a press conference announcing the release of his ‘Paedobot’ sexual robot exclusively for the sick paedophilia market.

Tom O'Carroll

Sick Left-Wing Paedophile, Tom O’Carroll poses with his monstrous creation, the Paedobot

Sick Paedophile Tom O’Carroll believes that his monstrous creation, the ‘Paedobot 500’ is an answer to modern paedophilia in Britain. In a press conference today, O’Carroll announced that he wanted to see a Paedobot in the home of every ‘respectable’ paedophile in this country.

O’Carroll is believed to have been working on the Paedobot 500 since the 1970s after realising that the Paedophile Information Exchange would never have been successful in campaigning for sick paedophile rights alongside the Labour Party. The Paedobot, believed to be funded by the Labour Party, is a sex robot designed to act as a sickening slave to evil paedophiles who are ‘out of children’ as described by Nonce, O’Carroll.

Later in a post at his horrific paedophile rights blog, O’Carroll announced that he intended to create an army of Paedobots with money funded by the European Union as he recently made an application to secure that funding under the EU court of human rights.

In a statement given to BBC News, O’Carroll said:

‘The Paedobot 500 is the latest in Pro-Paedophillia gadgetry and paraphernalia’

‘With the PaedoBot, Paedophiles will be able to live out their fantasies and use the robot as a slave when they are out of real children, we believe the PaedoBot is the solution that the paedophillia scene has been looking for’

‘Not only will I build an army of PaedoBot’s, but their creation will source local jobs for convicted paedophiles who will be able to take up positions in the PaedoBot factory given that they are limited from finding real work in society because of their convictions;

The Labour Party declined to comment

Peter Callaghan, Reporting for Daily Bale News