Reds look out, we’re watching you

Joshua Bonehill

Having returned to my apartment after travelling back from a meeting in London this morning, I found a piece of cardboard with the words “We are watching you, racist Nazi scum” written on that had been pushed through my letterbox.


Since the sub-human cowards had long since disappeared, I didn’t have a chance to respond to them in person, so I’ll be giving my full response in this post.

The Reds have made a mistake in assuming that they are some form of authority that can watch me as a dignified and professional career racist. When I set up the Daily Bale, I set this up to watch the reds and expose their brand of antiwhite hate for the British public to see. The fact remains that I am always watching the reds and get a great deal of satisfaction exposing them to every degree possible.

Saved in my bookmarks…

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