Notorious Marxist WIkipedia article Perverter, Andy Dingley exposed

In a bid to change the content of articles on Wikipedia to reflect Left-Wing bias and paint nationalists out to be ‘evil’, we can exclusively reveal the person behind the majority of this perversion.


Andy Dingley

Andy Dingley, 47, from Chepstow in Wales has been responsible for editing over 150 different wikipedia articles to discredit notable patriots and lie to the common people in order to promote political correctness and change history.

Wikipedia has become the first port of call for many who are searching up information on the internet and anybody has the ability to change content on the dictionary website. Dingley who has been a content editor on Wikipedia for sometime, appears to have edited articles to reflect patriotic heroes like John Tyndall, Enoch Powell and Sir Oswald Mosley in a bad or negative light.

A Left-wing Steampunk fantasist weirdo, Dingley and his partner Rachel White have been responsible for organising left-wing steampunk festivals in Chepstow for some years until they failed to gather enough interest in 2013 so they stopped.The Chepstow Association of Steampunk Gentlefolk appears to be their left-wing, antiwhite front where meetings were held whilst dressing up in out of fashion clothing and pretending to be ‘gentlefolk’. which one can only assume has something to do with weakness and femininity .

Dingley and his partner Rachel White, dressing up

Dingley and his partner Rachel White, dressing up

Dingley who is a member of the communist green party, lives what can be described as a bohemian and eccentric lifestyle based around his obsessive internet tendencies. When not perversely editing articles on Wikipedia, Mr. Dingley spends his time selling left-wing steampunk paraphernalia on market stalls around the Bristol area whilst promoting his antiwhite, politically correct attitude.

You may question why we have decided to give Mr. Dingley an article on the Daily Bale but the fact remains that he is committing antisocial crimes by lying to the british public and perverting history. Wikipedia is a mainstream source that is often used to reference things, the perversion of articles under Dingley’s regime will have resulted in people being misinformed and lied to.

Dingley has also been responsible for creating a number of wikipedia articles which can be listed here, these should now be subjected to review and destroyed given proven evidence of Andy’s corruption on the website.

Disclaimer: (Whilst we have Dingley’s phone number, address and personal information we have decided not to publish in order to protect ourselves legally. All information collected in this article has been sourced from Dingley’s Facebook page, the internet and his wikipedia page).