New British Union: The Rape of Sir Oswald Mosley’s legacy

Joshua Bonehill

People have often asked me why I choose to regularly attack the New British Union (Blackshirts) as led by Gary Raikes, the simple answer being, that I am not attacking the majority of people who support that organisation, just it’s leadership. See, Sir Oswald Mosley was a man of subsistence, a charismatic leader and a fine orator who created the grandest fascist movement that Britain has ever seen. A man of principle and determination, Mosley led from the front and constructed a movement that reflected the feeling of the time which had intended to usher a fascist revolution.

The British Union of Fascists and National Socialists was a movement perfect for the years of 1932-40 and boasted well over 50,000 members during it’s peak. Not only was Britain a very different place during the time of Mosley but also the standard was set by far higher in order to meet…

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