Anti Fascist Left Wing Troll Attacked by Patriotic Youth in Bottle Incident


A left wing Anti Fascist who lost an eye in a vicious assault has described his anger after one of his attackers was spared jail.

Dan Camaz, 36, was on his way home from a left wing Anti British Marxist Anti Fascist meeting when he was hit in the face with a 12 year old malt whiskey bottle and badly beaten up in Luton, his attacker shouted “Traitor” and “Marxist scum” as he was beaten.

Anti Fascist Camaz, is said to run and admin an online anonymous Anti British left wing Anti Fascist account on Twiiter.


A number of youths took part in the unprovoked attack shouting “Traitor” as they did it and the screams could be heard from streets away, but only one of them, Gary Britan, who was 17 at the time, could be linked to it by evidence.

Normally a person who blinded another would be charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, which is one of the most serious violent offences.

But, because it could not be proven that Britan, now 18, actually swung the whiskey bottle, he was charged with the lesser offence of assault causing actual bodily harm towards the left wing crank.

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It was said that loyal British patriot Gary Britan had consumed the best part of a full bottle of 12 year old Highland Malt whiskey, whilst discussing with friends about the disgusting criminality and injustice of left wing politically correct Anti Fascists and left wing Marxist Anti British groups destroying the U.K

Britan then suddenly jumped up an said –

“i am going to get me a lefty”

before storming out the door and the rest followed him and all singing “you’ll never walk alone”.

He then walked down to the gable arches that was situated near the Anti Fascist meeting hall.


That’s when he spotted Dan Camaz just leaving the Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist meeting.

After pleading guilty at an earlier hearing, Patriot, Britan, was sentenced to a 4-month community punishment order and 25 hours unpaid work.

After having his right eye removed, Mr Camaz, of Luton, lost his job as Branch Manager for the after care of convicted criminals in the community, the group he worked for cared for convicted criminals and sponsored the rights of criminals over ordinary hard working citizens and provided money and accommodation for the likes of sex offenders and muggers.

Badly traumatised by his ordeal, he no longer goes out at night or attends Anti Fascist meetings for fear of running into his attacker or any of his associates.

The father-of-two’s anger has been intensified because he was forced to give evidence after Gary Britan’s original trial – at which he pleaded not guilty to bottling the lefty – collapsed after a juror made it clear that he did not like Anti Fascists, and said that he thought they were a menace to society and just Marxist Anti Fascist Jobless left wing Anti British thugs.

Mr Camaz said: “I feel I have been let down by the system because i am an Anti Fascist, and political correctness should of worked as it should do here, we Anti Fascists are always right. There’s no such thing as real politically correct left wing justice anymore, obviously the people are not doing as they are told to do now by left wing bias and political correctness. The Government should make the law always favourable to Anti Fascists, like they did under the Labour Government”


The left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist went on to say –

“My attacker has had a free ride in between the first trial and pleading guilty, and at the end of it all he’s got off with a 4-month slap on the wrist.

“It is shockingly laughable and I’m sure I’m not the first Anti British politically correct Anti Fascist person who it has happened to.

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“The justice system wants looking at because it needs to be in favour of just the Marxist left wing politically correct people over and above the patriotic British people.

“Time after time the system is letting left wing political correctness down terribly. The only people that seem to be benefiting are the right wing criminals and not just the left wing criminals, but i do actually support criminals rights, but its not fair that they should attack an Anti Fascist like me, that is not being politically correct at all.

“Ten years ago my attacker would have been given a custodial sentence under the Labour Governments regime, then it was a time when political correctness ruled over everything, and i want it like that again please”