Neighbourhood Alert: Dangerous Ramsgate Pervert Simon Lindsell

Despite not being on Twitter, it seems that the Left-Wing have taken it upon themselves to ‘invent’ a presence for me and have subsequently opened up several fake accounts pretending to be me in order to harass themselves so that they may report me to the police. Some of these false flag accounts have been getting into confrontations with Left-Wing perverts and as of a result, credible threats of violence towards myself have been made.

SImon Lindsell

Simon Lindsell of Ramsgate, East Kent is a video-game obsessed loner who participates in Left-Wing online antifascism. Lindsell, 46 used to work for East Kent Mencap and has a history of working with vulnerable people to which we have little information on his conduct.

As a young man, Lindsell attended Dane Court Grammer School in the parish of Broadstairs, Kent. Presumably mentally deficient, Simon Lindsell remained within the local area for the rest of his life, never marrying or producing offspring. Realising that he’d amounted to nothing in life and probably encouraged by politically correct perverts, Lindsell took up a voluntary job with a local branch of Mencap until he was removed in January of 2014 presumably dishonourably for his conduct working with vulnerable and damaged people.

Simon Lindsell

Dangerous & Deranged: Simon Lindsell

Simon, who has no known friends decides to spend his time playing video games and has practically become a house-bound recluse since being fired from Mencap. Opening up this twitter account in 2014, Simon spends his time posting anti-white race hate and colluding with anonymous Left-Wing accounts to attack respected British nationalists.

Simon first came to my attention whilst using Twitter under my original account, I noted his extreme hate and jealously directed towards me and decided to ignore him. Ever since I’ve been ignoring this socially awkward weirdo, his behaviour has developed aggressively over time to the point where now he makes credible threats of violence towards me.

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Note how Simon uses the words ‘Something bad is going to happen’ on more than one occasion. This to me indicates that reclusive Lindsell either is aware or is planning a barbarous attack on myself. With a clear history of mental health problems and obsessional violent video game tendencies, it is possible that Simon is planning some form of terrorist inspired attack.

I am aware that security services monitor my blog and I highly suggest that they look into Simon Lindsell, it is clear from his tweets that he is planning something or at the very least is aware of an attack – this shouldn’t go unchecked and an interrogation and raid of his home may reveal more. I’d also be interested to see what a forensic analysis of his hard drive would find.

Simon Lindsell

Weird pervert, Simon Lindsell

I believe that Lindsell operates a number of fake twitter accounts which have been used on more than one occasion to make threats of violence towards myself and members of the public. It’s clear that Simon Lindsell is unstable and security services should immediately intervene to ensure that nobody is hurt from any attack that he may be planning.

I have also located dating profiles here in which Simon expresses an interest to meet young girls who’s ages range between 35-50 specifically. I am concerned that women, girls and females may be at risk from this individual using these websites to fuel his obsessional and deluded behaviour. I would advise that all women in general avoid him as he may prove to be a threat.

Simon Lindsell

Using GPS locations on a map taken from Simon Lindsell’s Facebook profile, I was able to draw up a ‘Triangle of activity’. I believe a full search of the triangular area would prove interesting for those investigating simon’s activity. It seems that Simon has remained within this triangular area for his entire life, occasionally venturing out to nearby locations as shown on the map.


On June 20th of this Year, Simon Lindsell visited highgate cemetery in London. One could argue that there is nothing significant about this particular event but that would be a mistake.

Sick Nonce Karl Marx's memorial and shrine

Sick Nonce Karl Marx’s memorial and shrine

Highgate Cemetery is the resting place of Karl Marx and holds a vile shrine to the Marxist tyrant within the premises. I believe that on June 20th, Simon Lindsell visited highgate cemetery to pay homage to Karl Marx and worship him in some form of sick ritual.

This is common practise for most left-wing perverts and sickos who have sold reality for a lifetime of delusional fantasises that beckon them to the world of Marx. The average Left-Wing activist has no sense of ‘society’, he has devoted himself to a lifetime of solitary suffering and marxist fantasy.

The shrine to Karl Marx in Highgate should certainly be destroyed and there is a good argument to state that the remains of Karl Marx should be removed and cremanted before scattering at sea, seeing that Karl Marx himself is responsible for the deaths of over one hundred million people.

I can’t be sure how many times Lindsell has visited the shrine to Marx but this directly backs up his obsessional and entirely deluded left-wing fantasy world. By visiting the grave of Karl Marx, Lindsell seeks some form of approval and most likely views Marx is a ‘father figure’, something that Simon has lacked thoughout his meaningless life. In a state of ‘radicalisation’, we find that Lindsell has submitted himself completely to the ideals of Marx and wants to enforce this way of life upon us the people. Simon Lindsell is therefore unstable because of his Marxist desires and must be treated as a major security risk to the United Kingdom.


Looking at Simon’s facebook profile presents the image of a sad man, somebody who easily alienates his few friends and posts vulgar, antisocial remarks to infuriate those who follow him. Simon has a dependency on viagra and clearly suffers from terminal importance which would explain his deep rooted hatred for women. A serial masturbator and pervert, Simon is consigned to a lifetime of virginity as the female sex find him both repulsive and unattractive.


Not only has Simon Lindsell threatened myself with violence, it also appears that he has threatened Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP with horrific violence. In what seems to be a pre-planned doorstep murder, Lindsell intends to set a bear trap for Farage to walk on which inevtiably would result in catastrophic injury. The above log also backs up Lindsell’s obsession with violence which is primarily evoked through his obsession with violent video games and terminal masturbation – this is a sick man.

In conclusion, Simon is a dangerous man and clearly is planning to harm one or more members of the public as evidenced through the first set of screenshots. A reject of society and somebody who suffers with severe mental health problems, Simon has developed a dependency for left-wing ideology and hates anybody who doesn’t conform to his wrong way of life. Simon is clearly a virgin at the age of 46 and harbours an anger directed towards women, there is no telling to what level he will go to in order to take this anger out upon innocents. A pariah of the community and social faliure, Simon Lindsell should be avoided at all costs.

Joshua Bonehill