Left-Wing stitch up Avon & Somerset Police

Currently there is a clear self-inflicted campaign of trolling being conducted on Twitter and directed towards people who have been involved in my criminal cases over the past year. The ‘Trolling’ is being designed to look like me and make it seem as if I’m responsible for breaking bail conditions and contacting witnesses in my criminal case so that I may be remanded in custody.

I believe the people behind these fake Twitter accounts are the left-wing victims themselves, simply doing this out of anger for the fact that I haven’t yet been imprisoned. By attacking themselves on Twitter with accounts designed to look like me, they can present a trail of evidence to Avon & Somerset police so that my home may be raided, my phones and electrical equipment taken and potentially I am remanded in custody whilst the police investigate.

My suspicion was confirmed to me earlier today when Peter Hutcheon leaked a private conversation he has had with DC Jon Hooper of Yeovil CID in an attempt to claim some form of ‘conspiracy’ between the police and myself. Peter is not a victim in my original cases, he is somebody who knows all of the victims and has put in complaints to the police about me in regards to these anonymous accounts who have allegedly attacked him.

IMG_20141210_221956 IMG_20141210_222003 IMG_20141210_222034

It’s like Jon Hooper says in the above emails, it’s simply insufficient to point the finger and accuse an anonymous twitter account of being me. I haven’t actually done anything wrong in the first place and I only use Twitter under my real name, anybody claiming to be me is not and I have made this clear throughout.

I don’t know what Peter had hoped to achieve by leaking the above emails but surely this perverts any investigation against me and also stitches up Jon Hooper who is entirely innocent in this whole thing. The Left-Wing have no respect for the law or society, as proven above; they will betray officers of the law and attempt to stitch them up when things don’t go their own way.

These are the same people who are the ‘victims’ in my original cases where I quite rightly branded them paedophiles, they set up these traps and attempt to lure me in so that they may have some screenshots to show the police and watch in amusement as I face arrest. It’s one big attempt to silence me because of my political views in the hope that I may be imprisoned and unable to continue preaching nationalism.

They are very much mistaken if they think that this will stop me, I am in this for the long run and no matter what these vile Marxist perverts do, my determination for nationalist unity will continue to push for ultimate victory.

Joshua Bonehill