British Schools, Colleges, Universities and Politically Correct Left Wing Marxists


Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Racist Marxist Nazis Brainwashing British Students.


Left wing brain washing from a student’s perspective.

I am Kevin Layzell Youth Organiser for London- I am sure you have heard of how the educational system is brain washing the youth of today and potential leaders of tomorrow, so let me give you an insider’s view from a student’s perspective of how my college operates and is run.

British Schools and Universities overrun with left wing sick politically correct Anti Fascist Anti British weirdos, sickos and Marxist left wing cranks.

Let us begin with the college’s diversity statement taken from the website as one of its “mission statements” which reads to “encourage respect for diversity”.

The college constantly reminds the pupils to embrace diversity by placing postings around college (pictures taken on site) telling them to embrace diversity and brain washing them into their way of thinking.


It seems as with most institutions it embraces all forms of culture except for our own as is evident in “black history month” where black women are paraded on a cat walk to show off traditional African dresses and this is promoted through the entire month for people to embrace and watch the black culture.

Students are taught to embrace their own cultures and ethnicity except for the British who are taught from an early age to be ashamed of who we are.


As we continue on the theme of brain washing the pupils with leftist propaganda such as the Stonewall poster (pictured, as well as various others) which have been placed all over college after a visit from the pressure group Stonewall who set up a stall within the college to inform the students of why we should allow gay marriage (an issue I am firmly against) as well as just giving out generic pro-homosexual material.

The other posters around the college try to actively recruit pupils to attend the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) group that is held within the college now days it is seen as “cool and modern” to be homosexual as it is non-conformist and the students quickly jump on the trends promoted by the establishment.


No student should have left wing politically correct Marxixt insanity forced upon them, every student should have the right to choose between left wing insanity, or right wing patriotism and love of Nation, Culture and ones own people. We call all students to read and share the Daily Bale website and see for themselves what really goes on within Society concerning these left wing sick politically correct weirdos.


Recently the Socialist Workers Party set up a recruitment stall outside of college ( not on the actual grounds but yet directly outside the college) and attracted a great crowd of students who were desperate to hear about the socialist ideal and how the capitalist system had betrayed them.

The stall was buzzing with student activists telling my fellow students about how they would over-throw capitalism.
The interesting fact is not that they had large collection of student interest but rather the ethnic make up of those interested, whilst observing I saw only indigenous people interested.

These people who feel they do not like the way society is heading but yet are blinded by the powers at large as to why so turn to radical parties such as the Socialist Workers Party in a desperate attempt to fix the problems cause by capitalism or rather the main parties selling our country for their own ends.


The teachers at the college are openly “Unite Against Fascism” members and openly talk of their involvement and fill the pupils’ minds full of their liberal agenda, openly criticizing the British National Party and describing all its voters and members as Nazis. The college does not allow pupils to make their own decisions instead it forces them into their way of thinking as no one will stand up and speak against the teachers because they have been brainwashed into their way of thinking by UAF posters on display and UAF biased teachers.

Do you know one of these people ??

Even the food served at the college is halal to please the Islamic students. Now for those of you not aware of what halal meat is it is meat that Muslims can eat as it ties in with Islamic law.

What’s wrong with that you may ask? Animals killed to comply with Islamic law have their throats slit and are left to bleed to death whilst fully conscious and aware – unlike other animals which are stunned so they feel no pain, these animals are left suffering great pain.

The food is not labelled as halal and the students are not aware they are eating it.
This next issue was one close to my heart as a Christian, in the college planner which has a section called “notable diary dates”.

It includes the religion and date for events such as Al Hijra, Baisakhi and Saka but Christian holidays such as Christmas are not even mentioned, Christmas, the most important festival in all Christian countries has simply been downgraded to a mere “public holiday” with no mention of the religion or even the name of the day!

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This is an outrage that our customs and beliefs have been swept aside and discarded to make way for a multicultural society.

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We must completely ban and outlaw all political correctness from within Schools, Colleges and Universities and prosecute the people who spread this evil Marxist Anti British race hate fascist filth. We must restore British values, British Culture and Britishness to all institutions and organisations within British Society.