Twitter Anti Fascist Left Wing Marxist Troll Kills and Rapes Old Lady


Evil Sick Left Wing Anti Fascist Pervert Kills And Rapes Old Lady.

Darren Martin Jackson
Disgusting Left Wing Anti Fascist Twitter Troll Darren Jackson.

A 26-year-old left wing Anti Fascist who raped and strangled to death his 67-year-old neighbour after climbing through her lounge window has been sentenced to life imprisonment today.

It is believed by the Daily Bale that evil left wing Anti Fascist sicko Darren Jackson was a member of a well known left wing Anti Fascist organisation in the U.K and was an activist on Twitter using an anonymous Anti Fascist Twitter account to spread left wing Marxist lies and hate upon the internet.

Many other of these vile sick Anti Fascist accounts are still up and running on Twitter, being run and monitored by anonymous people.

Another case of left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sadism and barbarism in the U.K

It was recommended that Darren Jackson serves 28 years in prison before being allowed to apply for parole.

Jackson, originally from Kent, left popular grandmother Irene Lawless’s naked body on the bedroom floor of her bungalow at the Bryndulais estate in Llanllwni, Carmarthenshire, in the early hours.

He attacked her so violently she suffered 20 rib fractures together with multiple bruising and slashes.

Jackson admitted charges of murder and rape.

irene lawless
Irene Lawless 67. Victim of evil left wing Anti Fascist sicko Darren Jackson.

Mrs Lawless, who moved to south west Wales from Cornwall in the 1970s, had lived alone at her bungalow for around 20 years.

Jackson, who had previous minor motoring offences, lived next door for the weeks leading up to the murder, at the home of his mother and stepfather.

Elwen Evans QC, prosecuting, said when police seized Jackson’s computer it was clear he had an interest in rape websites, including forced sex involving mature women.

Sentencing Jackson at Swansea Crown Court today, Mr Justice Royce said to him: “The mental and physical anguish to which you subjected her before she died was horrific.

“It was nothing short of evil depravity.

“A minimum term of 28 years should not be reported as a sentence of 28 years.

“You will be released if, and only if, you are deemed fit to be released.

“But with your warped and perverted mind it may well be you will never be released and you may spend the remainder of your life in prison.

“Many will say that will be no more than you deserve.”

The judge said when Jackson entered Mrs Lawless’s home he had dual motives which were in part sexual and in part gain.

After raping and killing Mrs Lawless, Jackson stole her black Audi A3 and drove to Kent to meet with associates where he was arrested five hours after Mrs Lawless’s body was found.

Miss Evans told the court the evidence against Jackson had been overwhelming, including DNA at the murder scene and on Mrs Lawless’s body and Jackson was also filmed fuelling his victim’s stolen car at the Tesco store in Carmarthen and at a garage in Maidstone, Kent, where he was behaving “apparently perfectly normally”.

At one stage, when discussing the reduction in sentence Jackson would be entitled to for his guilty pleas, Mr Justice Royce said: “It always takes a lot of courage to plead guilty to murder.”

Chris Clee, defending Jackson, said: “There is no mitigation arising out of the facts of this dreadful crime, we accept the facts as they are set out.”

Mr Clee also accepted there was an element of premeditation in Jackson’s crimes.

He said: “The only realistic mitigation arises from his guilty pleas. At least that is some acknowledgement of the enormity of what he has done and obviates the need for a trial.”

Following the sentencing Philip Edwin Lawless – Irene’s brother – said: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Irene, she was a loving mother, sister and grandmother. She was a kind and caring woman, much loved by her family and friends.

“Her loss in such tragic circumstances has left many heavy hearts and she will be sadly missed. The family would like to thank everyone near and far for their kind words and support.”

After the murder earlier this year, her son, Jason, said Irene was a “loving mother and grandmother, a really peaceful person who loved the garden, animals and her paintings.” People in the village described her as a “well-liked, independent lady”.

Iwan Jenkins, district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wales, said: “This was a senseless and brutal attack on a vulnerable and defenceless victim. It is right that Darren Jackson has received a significant jail sentence for his callous actions.

“Dyfed Powys Police’s swift and thorough investigation meant that the CPS was able, at an early stage, to build an extremely strong prosecution case against Darren Jackson. This led to the defendant, in the face of overwhelming evidence, pleading guilty to Irene Lawless’ murder.

“We can only hope that Irene’s family and friends may be able to take some small comfort from the fact that we were able to spare them the stresses and strains of a murder trial. However, we are acutely aware that today’s sentencing does nothing to bring back Irene or ease the sense of loss felt by those close to her. Our thoughts are with them.”