UKIP’s William Bates of Plymouth disrupts investigation into Paedophile ring operating on Twitter

We’ve recently been investigating paedophiles who have been operating on Twitter under anonymous names and spreading vile pro-paedophillia propaganda. In the midst of a recent investigation we had pinpointed a group of paedophiles who seem to be centred around convicted paedophile, Tom O’Carroll when William Bates of UKIP decided to destroy the investigation and defend paedophiles from being exposed.

William Bates comes to the defence of Paedophiles

William Bates comes to the defence of Paedophiles

William is a known troublemaker within UKIP and has a history of making his own party look bad through his actions on social media that have found many of his UKIP comrades distance themselves from him. From Plymouth, Bates has developed a social media obsession and views himself as a form of authority over users who criticise his party. William Bates is through and through Politically Correct and leans towards the Left-Wing, a problem which is common place throughout UKIP considering the parties confusing political status.

Sick Paedophile that William enabled

Sick Paedophile that William enabled

Not only has William disrupted our investigation but he’s also enabled a convicted paedophile to continue operating a twitter account to spread paedophilic filth. We were on the verge of catching this particular paedophile but now the investigation is over and a paedophile walks free into the public domain to abuse children, this is all because of William Bates’ actions.

By no means are we accusing Bates of being a Paedophile, there is simply no evidence and a formal accusation would become a legal problem for us. We can only base this article on facts and the facts remain that William Bates disrupted an investigation into a paedophile ring – you have to ask yourself the question, why?

Why would somebody seemingly go to the effort to stop us from investigating a paedophile ring operating on Twitter and potentially saving countless innocent lives from harms way?

William operates his twitter account here with little remorse or conviction for his actions today, the main thing is that the general public are aware of just what he has done.

Our line of investigation will now turn to William and those immediately around him on Twitter, who are these people and just what have they got to hide?

Peter Collagen, Reporting for Daily Bale News

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