Political Correctness and Politically Correct Left Wing Immorality in the U.K


The British mood within society is changing fast as the evil hypocrisy and manipulation, intimidation and bullying of left wing political correctness is being exposed and ripped wide open for all to see clearly as the vile twisted unjust and sick fascist ideology that it really is.


Besides the evil wicked crimes that politically correct cranks tried to cover up like the grooming gangs in Rotherham, Bristol and countless other towns and Cities up and down the U.K, but also the bullying, intimidation and one sided hypocrisy that has been projected towards the British people by left wing politically correct Marxist Anti Fascist cranks, sickos and weirdos over the last three decades.

Everything is acceptable and hush hush if you are not British.

But if you just happen to be British and proud, then you better watch out if you so much as dare say one wrong word that even hints at somebody doing something wrong who is none British or who was not born British, and god forbid that you express pride or sentiment concerning the fact of the greatness of being British or our history as British people and our culture.

Our once great institutions, our public services, schools, work places, culture and National identity has been torn apart by the twisted sick one sided evil that calls itself political correctness and the evil left wing Marxist ideology that actually has the gall to proclaim itself to be fair, right and moral.

Tell that to the innocent citizens who have been targeted by left wing Anti Fascist Marxist politically correct thugs.

You know the one’s, those that go round violently protesting and attacking and screaming abuse shouting ‘racists and fascists’ at any democratic gathering of people who just happen to not agree with left wing political correctness, those that have a different idea on what fairness and true democracy means and who just want to voice their opinions and exercise their right of freedom of speech.

The so called politically correct people we talk about are those that say they represent morality and the British general feeling, and then go round defacing war memorials and attacking individuals because they voice or display their pride in being British and proud of their culture and history of being so.

The sort of people that have never seen active service or have never had to suffer any deprivation of any kind, apart from getting up to go and collect the welfare and benefit money supplied by the hard working patriotic taxpayer.

The kind of people that have probably never even worked themselves, failed students who were brainwashed in college or university, but have grown up over the last three decades in the politically correct false climate, and now find themselves angry and lost because they are full of self doubt and confusion, self hatred and disassociation because they find the world is not actually like what they were taught at school by their politically correct masters, and now they have nothing else but to try and prove that the world is all nice and politically correct, if only people would do as they are told and obey them by being politically correct and false and evil just like themselves.

The kind of people that go round spreading race hate and division in communities by continuously bringing attention to differences and race by calling everybody else racists and fascists if they just so happen to disagree with their evil sick twisted ideology of left wing political correctness.

The kind of people that do not want to discuss or debate, but just want to silence and dictate.

The kind of cowards that gang up on individuals to vilify them, get them sacked from their jobs, shamed or ridiculed within the community, and the kind of people who do not really give a damn about other people’s feelings that they ‘say’ they defend, but just as long as they win and silence the opposition or the person who dares to voice an opinion contrary to politically correct left wing belief.

The kind of people that call themselves ‘Anti Fascists’

The kind of people that are now being exposed for exactly what they are and what their true intentions represent.

The left wing politically correct Marxists and Communists, who use political correctness as a way to silence, manipulate, intimidate and bully the British people into submission and hence a sure way to ensure that the British people bow to the will of political correctness and the Anti British left wing ideology of cultural Marxism and to force the British people to accept left wing policies by shaming them in to doing so by disgusting race hate slander, name calling and blatant undemocratic bullying and suppression of freedom of speech and true democracy.


Not For Much Longer They Don’t !

Great voices are beginning to appear and sound very loudly up and down the U.K in exposing the injustice and hypocrisy of left wing political correctness and all it’s vile tenets.

People like Joshua Bonehill.

The brave and courageous sort of people that the left wing politically correct bullies have already tried to silence through any undemocratic means possible, by intimidation, bullying and suppression of freedom of speech upon the internet and in public.

But people like Joshua Bonehill just get louder and stronger, more determined and more convinced that what they stand for is right and just – the more that the left wing politically correct fascists try to silence and target people like Joshua Bonehill, the more and more that the people are hearing what he is saying, and the more and more people are agreeing with him, and even more so are now following him.

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The Evil of Left Wing Political Correctness.


The Daily Bale as first revealed by Joshua Bonehill, again brings your attention to the ‘massive left wing scam’ that the left wing use against the people to gain control of your thoughts and your freedom of speech, by pretending to use ‘morality’ as their claim to righteousness and authenticity.

By using the perception of morality, and then terming it as ‘Political Correctness’ they then use that to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate and force their own way, and their own left wing political agenda, by silencing any opposition or questioning of their point of view, by calling you a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’ if you so much as question these evil people.

They get away with it by keeping you continuously on the defensive. Think about it – if you are being labelled as a racist or a fascist, then your first reaction is to defend yourself, because the majority of people are appalled by those terms, and the social stigma attached to those labels. Are you beginning to get the picture now ?

But let us look more closely at the people throwing those disgusting terms and labels at everybody else, why they are doing it, and what does it really says about the people doing it.

The people doing it are almost always left wing and self righteous in attitude. They are doing it to shame, bully, intimidate and manipulate the other person or person’s into following the same twisted thought process, and they try to make the individual feel false shame and guilt so that the individual falls in quickly to the left wing politically correct agenda, whilst the politically correct weirdos themselves project a perceived ‘moral’ high ground and thus deceptively ‘prove’ themselves to be morally right.

The overall percentage of politically correct left wing weirdos have been shamed and brainwashed themselves by the same sick and evil ideology that they are now pushing themselves – they just dont realise that this is why they are doing it.

But, this is where the whole rotten disgusting false morality of Political Correctness falls flat on its face, and the ‘real’ racists and ‘fascists’ are exposed for the shameful and immoral evil people they really are.

Logic tells you very plainly, that you have to recognise ‘differences’ in people in the first place to then go on and accuse others of doing the very thing that you yourself ‘recognise’ which is ‘differences’ of race.

The majority of us do not see ‘differences’ and we just see other ‘people’ or other human beings just the same as every other human being on this planet. But the Politically Correct left wing racists actually pick up on ‘differences’ and then go on to accuse other people of what they themselves see, which is ‘differences’ in other people.


The politically correct racists and fascists then use the ‘differences’ that they see to then go on and falsely accuse others of racism, and thus shaming people into submission and keeping them quiet and preventing any questioning whatsoever as to the moral foundation of what they are doing or what they actually stand for – which in this case is the squashing of freedom of speech and politically correct fascist left wing domination of all areas of society by P.C bullying.

It thus becomes a dictatorial order of either conform to our way of seeing things, or be branded a racist or a fascist –