Convicted Paedophile Tom O’Carroll linked to Hope not Hate

Radical paedophile cleric, Tom O’Carroll led P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange) in the late 1970s and early 80s and has always had a hand in extreme far left politics but today the Daily Bale has uncovered a shocking link which positions him as the wing man of Nick Lowles in Hope not Hate.

Nick Lowles and Tom O'Carroll carrying boxes of indecent images relating to left-wing activism

Nick Lowles and Tom O’Carroll carrying boxes of indecent images relating to left-wing activism

O’Carroll who recently released his book ‘Paedophillia – the radical case’, is estimated to be worth over 10 million pounds and has been proven to have been a key funder of Hope not Hate during the early years of it’s tyrannical regime. When he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Nick Lowles, O’Carroll can be found on the streets of Britain where he routinely preaches paedophillic hate to promote rights for paedophiles.

It seems that in 2009, O’Carroll took a back room role in Hope not Hate operating in their offices in conjunction with the Daily Mirror. Paedophile O’Carroll has been working to campaign for Paedophile rights within Hope not Hate for some time, changing the main emphasis of the group to a more militant pro-paedophilic extremist front from the simple antifascist organisation we see today.

Without a shred of credible evidence we can confidently connect convicted paedophile O’Carroll to Hope not Hate and place him as a pivotal key player in Hope not Hate decision making over the last decade.

Tom O'Carroll

Could this blurred photograph also link convicted paedophile Tom O’Carroll to the UAF?

Photographs have also emerged of radical cleric and Convicted Paedophile Tom O’Carroll attending Unite Against Fascism marches alongside fellow zionists, extremists and left-wing perverts. The Paedophile Information Exchange was notorious for sharing indecent images, one has to look at photographs of Nick Lowles on his computer to question if he himself is looking at indecent images but of a Left-Wing nature.

Just what kind of sick Left-Wing indecent material is sitting on Nick Lowles hard drive?

Just what kind of sick Left-Wing indecent material is sitting on Nick Lowles hard drive?

Since the addition of Tom O’Carroll, there is undeniable evidence which states that Hope not Hate has become an information exchange in it’s own right. The Hope not Hate Information Exchange is still at large, we don’t know what kind of sick and perverted left-wing material is being shared between Marxist monsters who use the internet.

Tom O’Carroll openly preaches paedophilia at his website where he has amassed an army of left-wing paedophiles who go unchallenged by the law or violence. We must recognise that Paedophiles are not human being, they have no place in either society or reality and radical paedophile clerics must face death as a punishment for their malevolent crimes against our children.

Tom O'Carroll

Radical Paedophilic Hate Preacher Tom O’Carroll

O’Carroll’s new website ‘Heretic TOC’ is an even bigger threat than PIE or the PRA (Paedophile Republican Army) which were both led by Tom in the years before. The reason Heretic TOC presents a bigger threat is simply because in this era of the internet we find that radical paedophiles are able to share information easier and this is what the PIE set out to do. Despite arrests being made and marxist monster O’Carroll serving time in prison, you have to question why security services are still allowing this evil villain to continue promoting paedophillia using a public platform.

Myself and others have worked tirelessly to expose paedophiles operating within our communities, I’ve written articles and put out information for which I myself have been arrested for. Whilst I have been arrested for exposing publicly convicted paedophiles, O’Carroll and his brand of hate are at large and operating within our nation, going unchallenged legally.


There is also the public outcry for the execution of paedophiles in a public exhibition. The truth is that we as a people take great pleasure out of seeing paedophiles getting hurt in the most violent and painful way, there is no shame in admitting that – it’s natural!

In an ideal situation, we’d be able to execute paedophiles in public either by hanging or beheading to make it known that paedophilia will not be tolerated and prevent further evil paedophiles from taking up the barbaric practise.

Mark Lewis Lawyer

Mark Lewis the Lawyer with convicted paedophile and radical cleric Tom O’Carroll in a poorly Photoshopped but still incredibly relevant and straight to the point picture. 

Recently this week, after exposing paedophilic links between the Left-Wing and PIE, the Lawyer and Jew Mark Lewis attacked me on twitter in a vile tirade of accusations and abuse in what seemed to be a loathing attempt to cover up for the left-wing and their paedophilic links.

Of course, I’m not in anyway suggesting that professional career Jew Mark Lewis is in any way connected to paedophillia or the abuse of children as this would be illegal. I am however asserting that Mark Lewis is a defence Lawyer who has been involved in many cases defending Left-Wing criminals. After exposing Mark of the most heinous and depraved crime, he started to accuse a multitude of twitter accounts of being me in what appeared to be a clear tendency of paranoia.

After the initial twitter outburst, the Left-Wing created several fake accounts designed to attack the victims in my case as to make it appear as if I was breaking bail conditions so that I’ll be immediately remanded in custody. One of these accounts was created in the name of a victim’s daughter and it was used to falsely accuse Lewis of paedophillia. I must stress that this was in no way related to this article and we do not believe that Lewis is a paedophile, there is simply no evidence for this whatsoever.

We are however accusing Mark Lewis of being a Jew, a Left-Winger and somebody who has committed the most heinous, depraved and disgusting crimes against the innocents, This man broke the trust of those of whom he had a duty of care over, he took advantage of them and injected them with his sickening agenda – this man is a politically correct pervert!

Why do paedophiles always look the same?

Why do paedophiles always look the same?

It’s almost as if Paedophiles are a different race entirely but the old saying, ‘You can always tell a paedophile by his facial hair’ rings true in the case of David Joy (Hope not Hate backer and convicted Paedophile) and Tom O’Carroll. The truth is that it’s not just paedophiles who appear to look different from us the normal percentage of the human race. Paedophiles and marxists appear to look abnormal and have very obvious identifying signs of their perversion.

The Ugly Left-Wing

Here we see a group of Left-Wing delinquents who also appear to herald the same kind of appearances that can be attributed to the men in the photograph above this one. The level of abnormality is strikingly obvious and all of them appear different to you and me.

What we have here is evidence to directly link paedophilia to the Left-Wing, both through appearance and ideology. If the Left-Wing didn’t exist then almost certainly there would be no paedophilia and society would be able to freely recover without the burden of these rejects.

Tom O’Carroll’s presence within Hope not Hate has attracted a great deal of his sick paedophile followers to join the organisation and we believe these to be the left-wing online anonymous internet activists. They hide because they do not want people knowing they are convicted paedophiles but we know who they are!

Joshua Bonehill

A noose for a nonce