Anti Fascist Left Wing Political Correctness Freak Kills Patriotic Pensioner


Patriotic Pensioner Kenneth Brough was attacked by left wing Anti Fascist Sean Sillet outside the Beehive pub in Newcastle’s Bigg Market, as he had a few drinks following his friend’s funeral.

Evil left wing Anti Fascist Sick Racist Marxist thug Sean Sillet, kills Pensioner for just being British.

Sean Sillet
Evil left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Marxist Anti British sicko, Sean Sillet.

A loyal British Patriotic grandfather was killed with a single blow while having a few drinks on the way home from a friend’s funeral.

Widower Kenneth Brough, 65, described in court as kind and placid, had gone to Newcastle’s Bigg Market with two friends for “a good sup” in memory of their dead patriotic British pal.

As the three men, all in their 60s, were drinking in the Bee Hive pub, their peace was shattered by drunken troublemaker left wing sick Anti Fascist political correctness sicko Sean Sillet.

Sillet, bouncing around and in celebratory mood following a ‘Unite Against Fascism’ protest against a local Ukip meeting that ‘Unite Against Fascism’ say is fascist, Sillet then went in to the pub and looked for a victim to cure his unsatisfied blood lust against patriotic Brits and to dish out some left wing Anti Fascist Marxist hatred.

But he was ejected after challenging Mr Brough’s friend and using Anti British hate speech and disgusting left wing Anti Fascist race hate slander, before challenging pensioner David Little, to go outside for a fight after pinching his pint.

The 21-year-old then hung around near the pub, shouting obscenities and being aggressive shouting “racist and fascist” to any white person who walked by.

Patriotic Pensioner and Widower Kenneth Brough 65.

When Mr Brough and Mr Little left the pub to go for a Chinese meal soon afterwards, left wing Anti Fascist Sillet was still in the area, looking for trouble and to hurt somebody who was British. Mr Brough pushed him backwards and Sillet responded with a punch which caused the pensioner to fall backwards and crack his head on the ground.

After his arrest, Sillet told police he was sorry but added: “He hit me first so I hit him back. I will punch him again when I see him.”

Mr Brough, of Sycamore Street, Lemington, Newcastle, suffered a catastrophic head injury and died five days later.

Now left wing Anti Fascist Sillet, of Bondicar Road, Hadston, near Druridge Bay, Northumberland, who had 27 previous convictions and was subject to court orders and bail for another offence at the time, has been locked up for five years and three months after admitting manslaughter.

Judge James Goss, at Newcastle Crown Court, told Sillet: “The life of Mr Brough has been needlessly lost. He was a kind, placid man who was never known to be aggressive. No sentence of this court can undo the harm you have done or reflect the value of his life, that was ended prematurely by your violence.”

Mr Brough, Mr Little and another man went to the Bee Hive around 3pm on January 28 as they marked the passing of their friend.

Police at the scene of the incident outside the Bee Hive pub in the Bigg Market, Newcastle

Prosecutor Nick Dry said Sillet was in good spirits when he entered the pub but after bar staff refused to serve him, the mood changed. He helped himself to Mr Little’s pint and became aggressive when he objected, offering the much older man to go outside for a fight.

When Mr Brough and Mr Little left the pub, Sillet approached them again near the top of the Bigg Market. Mr Brough pushed him away and despite the presence of police nearby, Sillet punched the pensioner in the face, knocking him backwards and leaving him with a fractured skull and brain injury.


Yet another case of evil left wing politically correct Anti Fascist hate crime against the decent patriotic members of the British public.