Anti Fascist Left Wing Political Correctness Marxists Attack Hospital Blood Donors


Disgusting Vile Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Anti British Sick Perverts Attack Hospital.


Left Wing Sick Anti Fascists and Unwashed Political Correctness Evil Marxists Attack Blood Donors.

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Anti-fascist protesters heckled and attacked blood donors after targeting them as well as the supporters of a respectable political party.

The National Blood Service was taking donations from residents at Hospital Blood Donor Centre Hove Town Hall on Monday evening – the same night UKIP leader Nigel Farage was also set to give a speech to crowds inside the hall in another wing of the building.


Anti-fascist weirdos and perverts, who opposed the party’s policies, gathered with banners and placards outside the venue prior to Mr Farage’s talk at 7pm.

But instead they turned on blood donors who entered the building and hurled abuse at them.

Eileen Meehan, 67, from Brighton, described the experience as shocking and intimidating.

Typical looking Left Wing Anti Fascist Sicko.

An old lady traumatised by the incident said: “I’ve given blood many times before over the years but I’ve never experienced anything like Monday night.

“There was a big crowd of angry people with banners and I thought we’d be ok as it was going on for something else.

“But as I walked through the front entrance I was called a racist and was told I had no shame.

“So many people were abused for doing a good thing. It was disgusting.”

Protestors from the Unite Against Fascism group make their voices heard as they clash with police during a counter-demonstration
Evil Anti Fascist Violent Marxist Anti British Criminal Activists.

Another donor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “They should be ashamed of themselves.

“Why don’t they get themselves down to the next available donation service to make up for it?

“People who give blood shouldn’t put up with that nonsense.”

A spokeswoman from the National Blood Service confirmed some donors reported abuse on Monday night.

She said: “A small number of donors reported being heckled by protesters as they entered the building.

“However, the donors were able to come in and make their donation and leave safely.

Evil beyond belief.