Leicester Police LGBT department force police officers to come out as gay

You think you’ve seen it all and then every now and again you find that unexpected thing that topples everything that you thought prior to discovering it. Disgustingly I recently discovered that Leicester City police have an LGBT department and network set up to convert police officers into budding young homosexuals. This department which is paid for by the Taxpayer has a mentoring scheme which is a group of openly LGBT staff and officers who encourage others within the police force to ‘come out.’ The mentors also ‘reverse mentor’ managers providing information around LGBT issues that the people they manage may experience.

Queer Police association

Queer Police association

I think I speak for the majority of decent, upstanding and non-PC Police officers in saying that this is neither wanted or needed within the police force. This LGBT network is essentially a fascist Left-Wing cell operating within the police force and is attempting to encourage heterosexual police officers to come out as homosexual when they don’t have anything wrong with them to start with.


Homosexuality and policing is entirely incompatible, officers who are homosexual shouldn’t be allowed to stop and search members of the public nor should they hold any form of authority over common, normal and good citizens. This is just another example of a cultural-marxist quango being placed by the former Labour government to watch over the state from behind the scenes.

Queers cripple police seriousness

Queers cripple police seriousness

Not only is it immoral to force heterosexual police officers to pretend they are gay but it’s also evil, which pretty much sums up the entire LGBT movement – pure evil!

60 years ago, Homosexuality was illegal in Britain and viewed akin to paedophillia. Can we expect Paedophile networks operating within the police in 60 years from now?

Political correctness has already crippled the police force but this is just taking things to the extreme. I know for a fact that the majority of decent Police Officers just want things to go back to the way how the service always used to be before political correctness.

Joshua Bonehill