Anti Ukip Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Politically Correct Activist Jailed.


Anti Ukip Left Wing Anti Fascist Twitter Troll Jailed For Horrific Rapes.

Anti Ukip Left Wing Activist William Gales Cleft.

Left Wing Anti Fascist Rapist Twitter troll and a vile sick looking Anti Ukip Marxist activist jailed for multiple sex abuse and left wing Anti Fascist intimidation and attacks on defenceless females.

A sick vile disgusting left wing pervert weirdo and freak who raped and physically abused two women for many years has been jailed for 10 and a half years.

A judge told 26-year-old weird looking left wing sicko William Gales Cleft: “This was a sustained course of savagery. You displayed unbridled viciousness and you raped these women repeatedly. The effects for your victims will be long-standing, perhaps even permanent.”


Vicious left wing sick looking Anti Fascist Anti British Marxist Cleft, beat one of his victims until she was unconscious.

He repeatedly attacked the woman for years. On one occasion he tried to drown her. He also forced her to wear make up when he was around because he didn’t want to see her “ugly face” and repeatedly called her a fascist and a racist Ukip slut, even though she was of mixed race.

When she eventually managed to break free from the abuse, Cleft moved on to his second victim whom he regularly visited at her Luton home to discuss left wing Marxism and Anti Fascism.

Cleft again repeatedly beat and raped the 36-year-old Ukip supporter and forced her to take a pregnancy test before attacking her when the result was negative. He was eventually arrested when a friend of the woman called the police after discovering what had been going on.

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Weird sick looking Cleft, a left wing Anti Fascist member and a vile sick politically correct pervert, admitted repeatedly assaulting and raping his first victim at various addresses in Luton between January 2009 and November 2012

He also pleded guilty to repeatedly assaulting and raping the second woman at an address in Luton between January and September 2012.

The court heard that weird looking left wing freak Cleft started attacking his first victim in January 2009.

“He held her down on the bed and forcibly raped her. This happened repeatedly before she realised that it was ‘easier to give in to the determined left wing sick freak’. He often beat her and made her say insulting remarks about Ukip and made her say that she would not support them anymore.

She later said in a statement – “it would take more than that to stop me supporting Ukip, and in my view it is precisely because of what’s happening in this Country at the moment and because of sick weirdos like this that are the cause of it, we have to get Ukip into power, and soon rather than later”

The court heard that on one occasion sick Anti Fascist weirdo Cleft threw the woman against a wall and knocked her unconscious and when she woke up her son was lying over her crying.

He also held her head under water for long periods of time as she ran her son’s bath. The woman eventually broke off all contact with Cleft. She never reported what had happened to her until this second victim complained to the police. Cleft met his next victim in August 2011.



“The accused slapped her on the face, punched her on the head and body, kicked her on the head and body and on occasion kicked her from room to room, screaming at her “fascist scum, racist filth, capitalist scum, Ukip filth”.

“During these assaults he would say ‘I’m going to f***ing kill you fascist racist Ukip capitalist pig’.

She was also raped repeatedly by the accused who would grab her by the hair or throat and throw her down before forcing himself on her screaming racist abuse and Anti Fascist slogans”

The court heard that the woman called one of her friends during one round of abuse “virtually hysterical” and her friend called the police.

When officers arrived at the woman’s Luton home, she told them what had been happening to her and sick left wing Anti Fascist freak Cleft was detained. She was treated in hospital for a perforated ear drum and a broken hand.

The Judge placed the sick weird left wing Anti Fascist Cleft on the sex offenders register, and told him that, but for his early guilty plea, he would have been jailed for 13 years or longer.