Anti Fascist Left Wing Illegal Immigrant Jailed For Rape


An illegal immigrant who joined a left wing Anti Fascist organisation has been jailed for rape.

Nigerian illegal immigrant twice spared from deportation jailed for rape

A woman was raped in her own home just months after judges allowed a Nigerian left wing Anti Fascist member to stay in the country.

An illegal immigrant who was a member of a left wing Anti Fascist group in the U.K and who was twice spared being deported from Britain has been jailed for raping a woman in her own home just months after judges allowed him to stay in the country.

Another instance of left wing politically correct motivated crime.

Idreez Popoola, 34, should have been deported in 2006 after his temporary UK visa expired but he was allowed to continue living and working in Britain.

In December 2011 he was arrested and was told he would have to return to his native Nigeria but he successfully appealed the ruling.

Judges granted the jobless left wing Anti Fascist temporary leave to stay in January 2012 because he had a wife and child.

Just 11 months later on December 29 last year, he brutally attacked and raped a woman in her own home.


He was jailed for seven years at Lewes Crown Court on October 14 after he was found guilty of rape following a four day trial last month.

Sentencing Popoola, Judge Baxter told him: “It was a serious aggravating factor that the rape took place in the victim’s own home as this was an abuse of the trust placed in you by the victim and has undermined her feelings of safety in her own space.”

He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

Judge Baxter also told him he would be automatically deported back to Nigeria on his release from prison.

The court heard Popoola met his victim while working as an agency-employed bouncer in Northampton town centre.

The prosecution, said: “Mr Popoola met his victim at a McDonald’s restaurant in Northampton before taking her to a pub.

“He then persuaded the woman to take him back to her home, she said she was reassured by the fact he was a bouncer and thought he would have been subject to background security checks.”

The facts turned out to be very different. He had joined a left wing Anti Fascist group in the U.K

The court heard that almost as soon as he was inside the woman’s house in Northampton, Popoola made strong sexual advances towards her before raping her.

A victim impact statement revealed the woman had suffered depression since the attack and had also been forced to move address as she felt her home had been ‘violated’ by Popoola.

Rapist Idreez Popoola sold mobile phone top-up cards in Nigeria before coming to Britain on a 12-month visa in 2005.

He moved to Croydon, south London, where he trained to be bouncer and gained work with an agency which supplied a nightclub in Northampton.

He was arrested in 2011 on suspicion of providing officers with a false name but no charges were brought.

The court heard Popoola raped the woman before forcing her to drive him to a train station.

Judge Baxter told him: “In order to get you away from home she drove you where you wanted to go.

“The victim was very distressed and made contact with Rape Crisis and Samaritans.

“She returned to work in January but was very distressed and, after a meeting with her boss, was persuaded to report the matter to the police.”