British People Being Robbed Of Their Identity By Labour Marxist Traitors


Sorry Sad Sick State Of The British Nation.

Written by a fellow Patriotic Citizen.

It was half term and also spring so I thought that I would take my 5-year-old son, called Matthew, to the park to get some fresh air and appreciate some of the beauty of nature. We visited a park in Chingford, Essex and as soon as we arrived we treated ourselves to an ice-cream before enjoying the swings, slides, roundabouts and climbing structures.

Matthew is a very outgoing little boy so he soon got into conversation with other children which meant that I was soon engaged in conversation with their parents. This of course was very pleasant but within a matter of minutes I had come to realise that what was once a delightful park often frequented by English working class parents and children had become a cosmopolitan multi-ethnic place where one could hear almost every language spoken under the sun!

The people I spoke to were mainly Eastern Europeans but there were Africans, Asians, Kurds, and various other ethnic groups who I had trouble identifying. What struck me was that it reminded me of the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. I rarely heard an English voice.

Immigrants eating food by railway sidings in Calais

I last visited this park a year ago and although there was a heavy Eastern European presence then it has now become almost exclusively Eastern European with a number of other ethnic groups just beginning to make their presence felt. I began to resent this and thought back to the time when I was a child when my mother used to take me to the park.

I never heard a foreign voice and only played with English children. That’s because there were only English children to play with! I would of course have played with any children of any nationality but this is not my point. What has happened to the demographic of this small but beautiful park in Chingford is a microscopic picture of what is happening to the country generally. And just as there seemed to be an absence of English working class parents and children in this park so too the working class seem to be disappearing from the political landscape.

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We do not have to look far to see why this has happened. Maurice Glasman, senior adviser to Labour leader Ed Miliband during New Labour’s long period in office, described recently in a national newspaper how New Labour was completely taken over by a politically correct elite who went to war with their traditional working class supporters.

“Working class men can’t really speak at Labour Party meetings about what causes them grief, concerns about their family, concerns about immigration, love of country, without being stereotyped as racist, sexist and nationalist”, he said. How true this is.

The reason for this of course is that the working class, according to this elite, are no longer to be trusted. They had after all voted in Margaret Thatcher on three occasions and therefore could no longer be seen as a progressive agency of social change by the New Labour elite. What was needed was a new class of ‘huddled masses’ that New Labour could rely on; a new constituency that would vote for New Labour and bring about the desired political goals so beloved by the Left.

New labour, elected in 1997, set out to punish the working class for their lack of socialistic evangelicism by promoting mass immigration to make Britain, in the words of Andrew Neather, a New Labour advisor, truly multicultural and to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.

This act of betrayal by New Labour was not part of their manifesto proposals at any time during their period in office. The true scope and purpose of this new policy of mass immigration was to be kept secret from the electorate at large and from New Labour’s core white working class voters in


As the process of mass immigration proceeded apace the traitors of the New Labour elite promoted a revisionist history to justify their catastrophic policy, i.e. that Britain had always been a nation of immigrants and that we needed to make amends for historic crimes. Attack after attack came from pro-New Labour ideologues and supporters like Eddie Izzard, who produced a television series called Mongrel Nation in which he attempted to demonstrate that the English were not really English at all but a product of foreign invasions and centuries of immigration.

The contempt that this new elite had for its traditional core vote was well encapsulated in the discussion between Gillian Duffy, a traditional Labour supporter, and Gordon Brown when she dared to voice her fears over immigration from Eastern Europe. Brown referred to her as a “bigoted woman” simply for expressing a concern about mass immigration!

The English working class in recent years have had their very identity continually questioned and deconstructed; they have been constantly abused by the Left and called chavs. They have become the only group that can now be abused with impunity. The party of their fathers and grandfathers has betrayed them and many have been left to rot as minority groups in what were once their towns and cities.

White working class boys have fallen behind every other group in secondary level education as the focus has been on ethnic minorities over the last few decades. New Labour has betrayed both them and every working class child today who finds himself alone in a school full of every ethnic group but his own. These children will continue to be betrayed because they will not be taught an identity. If they are lucky some will get taught some British history, a revised version, but some British history nevertheless. If they are English forget it! No English history, this is verboten!


There will be many more parks in London in the not too distant future where white working class English families are conspicuous by their absence as these parks begin to reflect the new demographic of Eastern Europeans and Third World immigrants.

It is truly astonishing what has happened to this class over the last 30 years. Their children, especially those trapped inside ethnic inner-city ghettos, have become rootless with no sense of identity and subject to a black urban underclass cultural frame of reference. What hope for these kids?

I took my boy for some lunch after our time in the park and as he ate his food I looked into his eyes and swore to myself that I would do everything in my power to ensure that he knows who he is and to make him proud of his history: his English history. I also hope that one day in the future when he is a parent he will be able to take his children to the local park and that they will be able to play with other children who share their identity and culture. Current demographic trends however suggest that this will not happen.