A Noose for A nonce: Campaign to expose Left-Wing Paedophillia

A noose for a nonce

Today the Daily Bale Launches its ‘A Noose for a Nonce’ campaign where we will seek to draw attention to the Anti Fascists Marxists in the Left-Wing for the sickening crimes of paedophilia, child murder and child abduction. Children are the future of this nation and the Left-Wing militant paedophile threat has never been greater to the liberty and freedom of our children.

Paedophiles lose all rights to a life when they decide to abuse our children, we do not want them living in our communities or in any form holding presence within the employment sector. Sick Marxist Molesting monsters rob children of their future and in some cases, ‘convert’ children into becoming future paedophiles through the traumatic experience enforced by this parasitical left-wing vermin.

We have created some material to be used for our campaign, this can be found below:

leftwingpaedophile marxistmonster1 noose

From Rotherham to PIE and of course the Labour 25, the Left-Wing are frequently behind incidences of paedphillia throughout Europe and America. We need to draw attention to the fact that the Left-Wing are guilty by association and indeed many of them practise this sick, satanic paedophillic act on a day to day basis.

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