The Rise of Nationalism and True Patriotism and the Fall of Political Correctness


More and More left wing Anti Fascist politically correct sickos and weirdos are now leaving Anti Fascist groups and denying that they had anything to do with them in the first place.

Anti Fascist left wing perverts are now being exposed more than ever, and their sick evil ideology of political correctness and Anti British Anti White racism and fascism towards decent patriotic proud British Citizens is being ripped wide open for all to see.

Public revulsion towards these sick vile individuals is growing by the day as more and more cases are being uncovered of left wing Anti Fascist groups covering up for grooming gangs and modern day slave masters by using political correctness and evil race hate slander to call people ‘racists and fascists’ if they speak out about it or try to expose it.


Brave and courageous right wing Nationalist Joshua Bonehill, a determined campaigner and tireless fighter against the scourge of left wing political correctness and its evil ideology of Anti Fascist Anti British Anti White bullying, intimidation and manipulation of the proud patriotic British public.

Joshua Bonehill tried to expose grooming gangs early last year, long before the Rotherham atrocities came to light and all the other recent atrocities of grooming gangs and human slavery figures were revealed.

Joshua was attacked and vilified by the left wing Anti Fascists as they launched an internet campaign against him, labelling him a racist and a fascist as they desperately tried to shut him up and vilify him as a lying racist troll.

We ask, who is the lying racist troll now ?

Joshua Bonehill was interviewed last year by BBC Asian Network, and he was asked to give an account of himself and why he was making these accusations that there were grooming gangs roaming Britain.

Joshua told BBC Asian Network in no uncertain terms, that they were not accusations he was making, but quite simply he was stating facts. There was nothing racist in the comments he had made but just stating facts that needed to be exposed and more readily investigated.

The left wing Anti Fascists were the one’s who were bringing race into this, by calling Joshua a racist because he dared speak out about this evil within our society.

The Anti Fascists set about trying to silence Joshua Bonehill, and Joshua courageously fought a long and bitter battle upon the internet to counter the vile abuse and left wing Anti Fascist attacks upon his good name and honourable intentions to bring grooming gangs to justice and to protect our children from the clutches of any more organised paedophile gangs roaming our streets.

Incidentally, after Joshua Bonehill made his beliefs known online about what was happening in the U.K concerning grooming gangs, shortly afterwards, young girls started coming forward and bravely making statements and complaints about the fact that they had been groomed and abused by these vile gangs operating in our towns and Cities.

We can only assume that through the public posts that Joshua Bonehill had been circulating, this then gave victims the courage to come forward more readily than before.

A National investigation team was set up, and since then we can only guess at the numbers that came to light, but we do know that there were 1,400 girls in Rotherham alone that had been groomed and abused.

Joshua Bonehill is currently facing Court proceedings brought about through his online battle during these dark and very sad times.


Joshua was attacked and slandered online by left wing Anti Fascists, but he fought back courageously. Totally unconcerned for his own freedom or risk of arrest, he went out all hell for leather to strike back at these vile left wing Anti Fascists who were out to silence him.

Joshua Bonehill had his computer equipment seized and his premises raided on several occasions due to complaints against him which we cannot go into here for legal reasons, but the Newspapers have reported upon this in quite some depth and it can all be found online.

Joshua Bonehill now runs a personal blog, which can be found at

This man is nothing more than a National Hero in many of our eyes, and us here on the Daily Bale team who run this site for him, of which he is also the original founder and creator of, we thank him and we support him whole heartedly in his courageous and determined fight for the release from tyranny of the British people from the scourge of left wing political correctness and the Anti Fascist left wing bullies who dare to say that they talk with authority and morality.

They most certainly do not represent the majority of good decent patriotic British people who love their Country first, love their Culture first, and love and respect their own people first before and above others.