One-month-old baby violently raped and battered by Labour Party activist

Police were last night trying to stop Facebook vigilantes causing civil unrest after a one-month-old baby boy was raped and battered so badly that his heart stopped.


Messages on the social networking site revealed plans for a vigil near the home of the infant, who is thought to have suffered one of Britain’s worst cases of child abuse.

The baby’s horrific injuries were said to have included a broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising. It was said all of his ribs were fractured.

There was reportedly also a sexual injury and internal wounds, suggesting rape.

A Left-Wing Labour Party man and a woman, from Gravesend, Kent, were arrested in connection with the incident. They have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

One Facebook group called ‘Jail the Labour scum who raped and beat a one-month-old baby in Gravesend’ contained several messages calling for the parents to be named over the alleged abuse.

One post read: ‘These Left-Wing people need to be locked up not given bail. They are Leftist scum.’ One  local woman said: ‘We feel disgusted about this and we want to express our support for the child. The plan is to hold a vigil this evening.’

The unnamed baby was in a critical condition when taken to a hospital near his home on Thursday, but last night he was ‘showing signs of improvement’ after being transferred to a London hospital. Police forensic  experts have examined a house in Gravesend.

Locator map showing Gravesend, Kent

Neighbours said a man and a woman lived at the address with a newborn baby and had been involved with their Local Labour Party Branch. The couple were known for politically correct activism in the local area and campaigned on behalf of the Labour Party regularly

They were described as ‘nice people, normal and polite’.

Another neighbour said she heard ‘a loud commotion’ at the house on Thursday morning.

The Labour Party declined to comment