Slavery in the U.K Indirectly Caused by Political Correctness Anti Fascist Weirdos


The Daily Bale Uncovers Modern Slavery In The United Kingdom Indirectly Attributed To Left Wing Political Correctness And Anti Fascist Freaks.

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Up To 13,000 People Held As Slaves In The UK

The scale of modern slavery in the UK is revealed for the first time, with thousands of people trapped in horrifying conditions.

The number of people held as modern-day slaves in the UK is four times worse than feared, a “shocking” new Home Office study has found.

It is the first time the government has made an official estimate of the number of slavery victims in the country.

They include women forced into prostitution, imprisoned domestic staff, and field and factory workers.

It is estimated that last year between 10,000 and 13,000 people were trapped in conditions of slavery.

Previous figures for the same year, released by the National Crime Agency’s Human Trafficking Centre, put the number at 2, 744.


Left Wing Political Correctness has crushed the public’s ability to speak out if an immoral or criminal act involves a person who is none white or none British, because the left wing Anti Fascists call people racist and fascist if they do speak out against paedophilia or slavery, so therefore as with the Rotherham Child grooming gangs recently, foreign criminals have a free reign to abuse, imprison and abduct people into slavery.

The blame must be firmly placed at the door of the left wing Anti Fascists for indirectly supporting this sort of vile evil criminal behaviour in our society.


The new estimate is designed to take into account the “dark figure” of victim numbers which go undetected by authorities, the Home Office said.

“Modern slavery is very often deeply hidden and so it is a great challenge to assess its scale,” said Home Office chief scientific adviser Professor Bernard Silverman, who compiled the statistical analysis behind the figures.

According to the National Crime Agency, a large proportion of the victims documented in 2013 were from overseas, although the UK was the third most common country of origin.

Other common countries of origin included Romania, Poland, Albania and Nigeria.

Home Secretary Theresa May has said urgent action is now needed to confront the “shocking” levels of abuse uncovered.

Get rid of left wing political correctness and expose the people protecting slavery and stopping it from being exposed, the Anti Fascist left wing politically correct groups.

“The first step to eradicating the scourge of modern slavery is acknowledging and confronting its existence,” she said.

“The estimated scale of the problem in modern Britain is shocking and these new figures starkly reinforce the case for urgent action.”

The figures were released alongside the publication of a wide-ranging Government modern slavery strategy, aimed at fighting the problem.

It sets out plans for coordinated action across Government departments, agencies and law enforcement in the UK and internationally.

The Home Office said the strategy will build on the frameworks used to counter terrorism and fight organised crime in order to pursue those responsible, try and prevent additional cases and raise awareness for the victims.

The strategy will run alongside new legislative powers to be granted to courts as part of the Modern Slavery Bill currently going through Parliament.

Karen Bradley, the Minister for Modern Slavery, told Sky News the latest figures are a realistic estimate of the situation in the UK.

“Previously, the estimates were based on the number of victims we were actually able to find and identify and this looks at how many additional victims there might be,” she said.

“It gives us a very good picture of the scale of the problem we are dealing with.”

“We need to make it clear that this is going on in towns and villages… that it is happening everywhere.”